Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Update

My weekend started with a breakdown. I love that.

I just wasn't able to wake up the entire day, and then I sat in traffic for an hour (which is quite unusual), so when I got home, I just wanted to lay down. Just for a bit. But the Friday night schedule had changed and, while it really didn't affect my personal schedule, I still felt pressure to things I didn't want to do, even though Todd said I really didn't have to do anything and well, that made me cry.

It's funny how I don't think I'm stressed, but then the stupidest things make me snap and cry. Maybe I should just suck it up and admit it.

I am stressed.

I have a lot going on in my little ol' bubble. It may not seem like a lot on a day to day basis, but step back and take a look at the whole picture.

I am stressed.

Luckily, the crying and the snapping was short lived, so I was better by the time we made our french bread pizzas and sat down to watch "W". It was really good. You know how when you watched "Walk the Line" you kind of forgot what Johnny Cash actually looked like because Joaquin did such a great job? Same thing here. Josh Brolin did an amazing George Bush. The movie is a bit too long, but all in all, a thumbs up.

And you have to wonder, does Bush really talk with his mouth full all the time?

Saturday, we headed to Eiffel Printing in Ballard to visit Todd's friend, Brittany (the owner), and talk wedding invitations. One hour later, we had a demo in our hands and order placed. Easy as pie. It really helps when the two people getting married tend to agree on just about everything from graphics to fonts to how sparkly the paper should be.

After that, a quick lunch at Blue C, which, in hindsight, was just dumb when your fiancé is allergic to shellfish. TBFE never actually ate any shellfish, but he had a cucumber roll and apparently there was cross contamination because that evening he got sick. Really sick.

We had plans to see ThorNton Creek play, but instead, we curled up in bed while the kids were at game, and watched The Black Swan, Todd's most favorite pirate movie ever. I left briefly to pick up Trish and Dan from the airport, as they were returning from their lovely Hawaiian vacation. I did not give them a hard time, but I did mention that it snowed here while they were gone. I'm sure they got my point.

Sunday, Todd was feeling better so he went off to coffee and I slept in until 10:00am. And thus, begins the most fantabulous day EVER. I cleaned and cleaned and then we shopped and then we came home and I cleaned some more, then I got a little manic at 6:30pm and decided to rearrange the downstairs/laundry area to tidy up and make room for Elvis' litter box and bowls. The litter box was in the kids' bathroom, but that made an already small room even smaller. So now the kids' have some more space and Elvis' has less privacy. He doesn't seem to mind.

I finally came down around 8:30pm. I poured another glass of wine and took a hot bath and dipped my hands in paraffin wax*, then curled up to watch Family Guy with my family guy and a big bowl of popcorn.

Then at 10:00, the kids got tucked in and Todd and I got tucked in and then [blog material censored by the author] and then out like a light. Whew.


*So, you know how you say "I am never going to be like my mother/father!"

Well, yeah. Good luck with that.

It seems that I may have arthritis in my hands (and probably even my knees). My left thumb joint started aching when I was in West Virginia in January, but I thought I had just hit it or bent it the wrong way like I do because I'm a klutz. So, I didn't really think too much about it. Then, I got a pinch in my neck that ran down my right arm and literally prevented me from using my right hand for two days. I got a massage and thought that would fix the problem, but here we are two months later and both of my thumb joints ache like a bitch most of the time. I'm sure it doesn't help that I type and mouse as much as I do.

Mom has arthritis in her hands (and her spine and her neck and her arms), as do (did) my aunts and my uncle. So, looking at heredity, that's probably what I'm dealing with.

Mom had purchased a paraffin wax dipper years ago for her hands, but upgraded to a commercial grade/size model that would accommodate most of her forearm, so I got the little one. The thing is fantastic. I did two dips last night (you just dip, wait for the wax to cool, then slide it off) and my thumbs feel much better this morning. The only drawback is that this thing takes 2.5 hours to heat up, and even then there is still a ball of wax in the middle. I don't know what to do about that ball of wax. It just won't melt.

Anyway, you have to plan in advance.

So, we're at achy hands, cracking knees, bad eyesight and gray hair. Hard to believe I'm only going to be 34 next month.

*cough*April 14th*cough*



The Hamilton's said...

Isn't heredity a bitch? I'm pretty sure I have arthritis in my thumb, too. I had a car accident where the thumb was hurt (not broken) and it's been a pain (literally) ever sense then.

Sorry for the breakdown. Maybe it was a week for them. I had one, too. ;-)

Marcia said...

I love how you wrote:
"I cleaned and cleaned and then we shopped and then we came home and I cleaned some more..."
and after all that:
"THEN I got a little manic..."

"Hard to believe I'm only going to be 34 next month."
I just realized that you're young enough to have been in the very first 6th grade class I taught right out of college?! Now I feel old.

TD said...

Yeah, she reminds me of the age difference constantly. It's SO endearing. ;-)