Friday, March 20, 2009

Ballard Condo Update

Oh, this makes me happy.

The brand spankin' new condos that are taking over Ballard are sitting empty. Those condo overlords that thought they could sell one bedroom condos for $400,000 are losing oodles of money every day.

Build, build, BUILD, they said! Who cares if the ones we built a year ago aren't selling, BUILD MORE! Tear down the old houses, build! Tear down the bowling alley, build! Tear down the Denny's.......well, I support them wholeheartedly there. That freakin' place gave me food poisioning.

I'm sorry to see Ballard become somewhat of a ghost town with all of these monster buildings just sitting empty, but I'm happy that greedy corporations aren't profiting from these eyesores that took over a quiet, little neighborhood.

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TD said...

I loved that Denny's. It was a great "middle ground" meeting place for those in the north and south sides of town. Never got food poisoning there - or at any Denny's, for that matter. What are the odds??