Tuesday, March 24, 2009

But What If Chicken Isn’t In Season?!

This wedding stuff is funny business. TBFE and I seem to talk about it constantly. Not in a oh-gawd-we-have-nothing-else-to-talk-about kind of way, but in a we’re-so-excited-we-can’t-wait-nine-more-months kind of way. My mind is constantly thinking about details and the itinerary and the food, ah yum, the food!

So, last night we chatted for a bit about nothing in particular, then drifted off. Well, Todd drifted off. I laid with my head on his shoulder, my arm around his chest, and my eyes closed, and thought about the wedding.

And after about 10 minutes, I sat up and said, “What if we get the RSVP cards done before we’ve finalized the menu with the caterer and we put on there ‘choose chicken or veggie’ and then the caterer can’t do the chicken for some reason, but we already have the RSVP cards printed up?! Or what if we just decide to do a foo foo pasta instead of chicken at all but we already have the RSVP cards printed and they say CHICKEN?!”

Todd snorted awake, then sighed that sigh that I’m becoming very familiar with.

[In thick, sleepy talk]

“Raechelle. Why wouldn’t we have the chicken?”

“What if the chicken isn’t in season or something?!”

[Now realizing this freak out really doesn’t even warrant a response…..]

“Colonel-Sanders-in-Heaven, Rae-rae, the chicken will not be out of season. I could go into great detail about why the chicken will not be out of season, but I don’t think I need to do that, do I? There is no reason why we won’t have the two options… it will be fine to go ahead and print the RSVP cards before we finalize the menu….really….[deep breathe]…..it will be fine. Maybe we should just elope…..it’s not too late to go to Vegas……you like Elvis……”


Well, okay fine. We’ll go ahead and print the RSVP cards. But if something happens and there is a sudden chicken crisis, I get to say I told ya so.


TD said...

Yes. If there is a sudden Chicken Crisis '09, I will happily let you say you told me so.

Word verification "galates", which sounds like a strange new exercise. As in, "I need to do my galates."

Lucy Leadskin said...

YOU, my sweet Rae-Rae, are even weirder than I, a feat not to be taken lightly.

This is why I lurve ya!