Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Random Thoughts

Ruby finally left the carport this morning. She’d been trapped there since Saturday. The dirt driveway was mostly snow covered ice. The street that runs in front of our house is a sheet of ice, with carefully placed patches of dry. Not enough of them, though. I didn’t make it to work on Monday and a co-worker drove me in on Tuesday, but I had to walk up the hill to meet her on a dry street.


Our high for Friday is 26 degrees.

Speaking of our cold weather, we put new carpet down in Tyler’s room, so we had to move everything out of Tyler’s room. We put his desk out on the carport so I could spray it down and clean it. I sprayed it with Simple Green, then got a phone call. When I got back out to the carport, the Simple Green had frozen on the desk.

Granted, the dirt chipped off pretty easily, but I had to bring the desk in so the Simple Green would thaw and I could finish wiping it down.



Signs of age:
I can’t see my eyebrows to pluck them. My vision blurs out.
After sitting on the bed for 30 minutes, doing Christmas cards, I creak and hobble when I get off the bed.
My hands cramp up and ache while I'm blow drying my hair.


I have run out of people to squeal appropriately with about my engagement. Who doesn’t know yet? Who can I call?


Remember that whole branching out in the blogospher and blogging for the Seattle PI?

Yeah, that’s done.

I was using that blog to spew about what I’m seeing and learning in my new ‘hood. And I was getting nice little comments telling me that I should be blogging about the current goings on and the events in the neighborhood because no one really cares about me and I only had three posts and I was already blogging about a stupid flag?

Um. Okay. If you want news and happenings, that’s what the West Seattle Blog is for. My blog is not news. I am not a journalist. I do not want to be a journalist. I had no intention of writing what these people want me to write about, and that makes it kind of like work, so I had the blog removed.

Oh well, that was fun. Now what?


My business cards just arrived!
I’ve never, ever had business cards before. Well, when I had my cleaning business, Mighty Tidy, I made up cards – Cleaning Enthusiast.

I wanted my cards to say Shopping Enthusiast, but my boss said no. Poo.


Last night, TBFE and I laid in bed after the kids were tucked in and talked about our wedding. And I laughed until I thought my throat was going to explode. My gawd, the man is funny. I was also reminded of how we are damn near perfect for each other. I would think "Oh, I want this and this, but I don't want to say it...I'll just wait and see what he says..." and inevitably, he would say exactly what I was thinking.

Sometimes I think he's put a chip in my head so he can read my thoughts. That's probably why I'm not sleeping soundly through the night. He wakes me up when he does the download.

Got a bit a bit sneakier than that, babe. I'm on to you.


Ann said...

"and inevitably, he would say exactly what I was thinking." That is a clear sign of what a good match the two of you are! Doug and I have those moments, as well, and it just serves to strengthen the bond :) Todd emailed a picture of your ring - it's just lovely! Congratulations again!

TD said...

Damnit. I've been caught.


Anonymous said...

Sweetheart, you can gloat to me all ya want to! Call me text me email me what ever you need to do! I will listen to it every day until you get married but after that someone else has to take over=)