Thursday, December 18, 2008

Walkin' In A Winter Wonderland

(Our snowy cottage)

So, here we are at Day 5 of Snowpocalypse '08.

And we've got a housewarming party tomorrow! Damn you, weather!

Since I had another snow day today (that's two this week, for those of you keeping score) TBFE and I walked down to the Village to do a little shoppin' and gawkin'. And I remembered to take my camera! I'm such a good blogger.

(My Man - How much do you love me, Todd? THIS MUCH!)

(The Village, with people)

That's a road that those people are walking on. Really.

Tomorrow is a crapshoot. The high is supposed to be 25 degrees, and the forecast is for clear skies. So, no new snow, but nothing is thawing. Hard to tell what the roads will be like. Todd and I have gotten in the habit this week of waking up around 6am and turning on the news to watch LIVE THUNDERSNOW TEAM COVERAGE of road conditions and news people showing us how icy it is by ramming their heels on the ground. Riveting coverage. But it's much more pleasant than just getting out of bed in the dark and stumbling to the bathroom half asleep.

This morning I waited until 8am, then called my boss to tell her I was going to wait a couple of hours until the roads cleared up. But at 9:30 it started snowing pretty hard, so...uh...that plan backfired.

Guess I'll wake up tomorrow, turn on the news, check West Seattle Blog and decide then.

Yes, it's very exciting here in Raechelle-land.


Lucy Leadskin said...

Mmm...snoooooww...And I love the shot of The Village.

Be seeing you. :D

Marcia said...

I love your snowy cottage. Very charming.

Anonymous said...

Brrrr. That looooks verrrry coooooold. Shivvverrrry.

More wedding talk!!! Colors? Dresses? Flowers? Groomsmen/bridesmaids? Venues? Details!!!!!, please? (rubs head up against Rae and purrs, all friendly and hopeful and shit)

(this comment brought to you by the word verification "hesseso"...sounds like "he says so." Well, Todd's a big dude so I guess that might be that!)

Dee said...

Your house looks so pretty! The snow looks so pretty! I'm so glad you have it and we don't! ;>) Stay warm!