Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Random Thoughts

I think I'm poor.
No, I know I'm poor. How do I know this?

I've been eating Cup O'Noodles or Top Ramen noodles for lunch for three weeks. Four for a $1! But I'm kinda sick of noodles now. I'd like some fresh vegetables, please.


And I think I'm morphing into a mom. How do I know this?
I can't remember when I painted my nails last. Just can't seem to find the time to either.

So Jamie and I have manicure appointments tomorrow evening. Gift cards are a beautiful thing.


I haven't shaved my legs in over a week either, but I thought that might be too much information.

I did, however, "schedule" a bath for this evening, so we can remedy that. And yes, I shower every day. Just so you know....


The Christmas cards are almost ready. The address and return address labels are typed; we just need to sign them and stuff them and stamp them.

There's another sign that my free time has dwindled. No homemade cards this year. Oh, you still get a picture, but we bought these beautiful Papyrus cards and just did up some Word labels. Much quicker.


I bought my plane ticket to Texas for the big retirement move.

Did I not tell you about the big retirement move?

My parents have sold their house, so I'm driving with them from Texas to West Virginia, up to Pisswilly Ranch. This trip was originally supposed to be next summer, but once the house sold, mom and dad said there ain't no way they're waiting. So, we're shippin out on December 29th. I shit you not.

The ranch has already gotten about 8 inches of snow. Should make for a fun drive.

And, of course, there will be a stop in Louisiana for a little gamblin'. Cause that's whatcha do when yer retired.


Work is work. Not too bad. Except for the whole getting-up-at-6:00am thing. Well, 6:15am. Sometimes 6:30am. Cause Rae-rae ain't so good at early.

And apparently, just typing about West Virginia makes me twang like a country bumpkin.



Okay. Lunch is over.
It was nice chatting with you. Do be sure to stop back by.

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Marcia said...

Hey, I'm a mom and I painted my nails just a couple weeks ago. I think that makes at least once this year! Yee-haw!

And yes, eat your veggies. Carrots are good this time of year.