Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We're Movin' On Up

To Pur-cha-sing
To a de-lux cu-ube
On the third floor......

I had my last day in Radiology today. My last day as an admin assistant, information booth and Keeper of the Bosses. Speaking of the bosses, they surprised me. They ordered a very rich chocolate cake (with dark chocolate flowers) and even gave me a Habitude gift card (take note, present givers. You can never go wrong with a Habitude gift card. Never.)

I busy as all get out until 3:30pm, but then I started packing up and people started stopping in to say goodbye and well, it was surprisingly sad. I even got a little choked when I hugged my boss goodbye. I think it's familiarity that I'll miss the most. I'm a girl who loves routine. My route to work, stumble up the stairs to the 2nd floor, drop off my purse, log on, wash my coffee mug while I'm logging on, go get coffee, sit and read emails. I can do it in my sleep. I may have to actually think tomorrow. Huh.

I sent out an email last week, to a select group of people that I work with on a regular basis, giving them a heads up that I was leaving. My boss hadn't done that yet and I didn't want these people to be surprised when they emailed me on Oct 1 to schedule a meeting.

The replies I got back were so heartwarming. Some of these people I've never met face to face. And it's their comments that tell me I was doing a good job, even if some people couldn't see it or appreciate it.

Allow me to share........


Thanks so much for your good cheer and hard work over the past years! We have appreciated your help so much and please stay in touch.

Your new career path sounds exciting and they are lucky to have you.

Editor's Note: Good cheer and hard work? I had them all fooled! Fooled! [insert evil laugh]


It's been fun working with you, and best of luck with the new job. Maybe we can get a coffee sometime if you're ever at the hospital.

Editor's Note: He's always wanted me.


Wow - Congratulations!! What is she going to do!!!

You will be missed in Medical Imaging!!!!

I hope, however, that I will be able to work with you in your new role!

Thank you so much for ALL of your help over the last few years!

All the Best,

Editor's Note: Our GE rep is apparently very excited! that I'm leaving. He's a nice guy.


Congrats on the new job! I will miss seeing ya around radiology. I was going to complain that you did not come over and be my admin, but this new job sounds even better!

Editor's Note: Being his admin would have been fun, but there would have been chemistry involved. He's in Nuclear Medicine.


Although I haven’t worked with you closely I feel like losing a close acquaintance. I wish you much success and job satisfaction in your new career pursuit.

Editor's Note: Big ol' teddy bear from New York. Steve and I ran into him and his wife at house concert a long time ago. Random.


Raechelle—though we’ve never met I want to tell you I have appreciated your help and professionalism when working with your clinic. I wish you the very best as you pursue the new opportunity. Thank you for keeping us updated.


They will soon understand how big of a role you played and how much you actually did...as we both know...you should have been more than just a admin 1.

Editor's Note: Everyone got it except my boss. Huh.


Many thanks. I know I've made this clear, but you are really exceptional at what you do, and you will be sorely missed. Still, I hope your new position is all you want it to be.


Fine! But you are still drinking with us sometime!

Editor's Note: We admins love to get our happy hour on. I had to cancel on her last Thursday. Infection and all.


And finally, the best present of them all (next to the glass jar of chocolate). Alcohol.

Feel the love, baby. Feel the love.

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Dee said...

I don't think you give yourself enough credit - ever! I'm sure you were great at your job and you will be missed. (I know my office would fall apart without me - I find out everytime I go on vacation)! ;>) Good luck in the new job!
Love the label on that bottle of wine. You'll have to let me know if it's any good.