Thursday, October 9, 2008

We're Gonna Need More Rope

I said to Jamie months ago that I loved my apartment so much that I was going to need something bad to happen that will make me want to leave it. And Jamie, being the optimist she is, said, “How about needing something good to happen to make you WANT to leave it?”

That’s why I love her.

So, while yes, there are good things happening that make me WANT to move in with Todd, a bad thing has happened to make me want to leave my apartment.

Potato, potahto.

Last night, I discovered that I have a new downstairs neighbor. That’s what I get for not being home for the last 10 weekends. It was the recent loud music that made me suspicious. Suzanne, my former downstairs neighbor, was very quiet. Hermit-like. So, Monday, when I heard the thudding music, I just thought Suzanne was feeling a bit perkier than normal. That’s cool. Even heard some booming male voices. You go, girl!

But then there was loud music Tuesday night. Until about 11pm. Suzanne told me, when I introduced myself to her last year, that she went to bed early and got up early. Huh. Maybe she changed jobs.

But then. Music again last night. Many booming voices last night. Maybe Suzanne has turned her apartment into a brothel. Maybe she now has male clients. I’m all for small businesses, so good luck to you, Suzanne. Just turn the music down a little. That beat doesn’t really sound like bellyrubbin’ music, anyway. Too fast.

At 11:30pm though, it occurred to me that this was a new pattern. And I haven’t been home much lately, so if Suzanne had moved out, I probably wouldn’t have noticed. So I put my jammies on and went to the mailboxes.

Sure enough. No more Suzanne. Now it’s K. Somethingerother. Kevin? Kasey? Who knows. I do know that he likes rap music. And he doesn’t go to bed very early.

So, now we’ve got Esther, her heavy feet and her drum upstairs and K., his buddies and his rap music downstairs. Sigh.

You know where I’m going with this, don’t you?

The Universe is hanging up more red, velvet rope.
“This way, please…..that’s it….right this way.…”

But you know what? I’m one up on her.
I turned in my Notice to Vacate letter today.

I'm moving in with Todd on November 8th.


TigereyeSal said...

Oh, wow. I can feel the excited nervousness across the border....

Karen G. Anderson said...

Whoa! It seems like you just moved into the place. Well, no more laundry room negotiations...