Monday, October 6, 2008

Port Townsend - She Said

The weather, and other maddening factors, are threatening to dampen my mushy weekend high, thus sucking the humor and life out of this here blog post.

But I will persevere! Despite PeopleSoft and it's infuriating glitches and personality disorders. Despite getting absolutely drenched on my walk to my car after work (even with my very expensive rain coat on). Despite the thudding music I'm hearing from my downstairs neighbor right now.

TBBE summed up the weekend pretty well, even in his grrr state. The poor baby is in pain, he's aggravated, but still funny as hell. What a guy.

What can I add?

(Todd, fainting. On the fainting couch.)

After exploring the lovely room, we had a fantastic dinner at the Fountain Cafe.

You know how I am about eating out. Yes, it's about the food, but it's 95% atmosphere. I'll admit I had a slight panic attack when we walked in. The restaurant was extremely "cozy". Rae-rae don't do cozy too well. Makes me claustrophobic. But this place was lovely. The wine I had was lovely. The corner little window table was lovely. And having a fantastic man gaze at me from across the table with those blue eyes was just......lovely. Sigh. We're our own Nora Ephron movie.

Anywho, dinner was good.

And then there was private, adult time that I am not at liberty to blog about.

Side note: I thought the bed was just the perfect size.....for me.

Saturday was a typical blustery autumn day. Complete with a parade. We had a simple, little breakfast, I bought hats, then we headed back to the room for some ain't-got-nothin-to-do-but-cuddle-and-snooze time.

Then out for more food. And some posing in my new red leather jacket.


After dinner, back to the room for more adult time.

Like telling each other jokes and laughing our heads off. Yes, we're mushy, but we also crack each other up, so sometimes it just comes down to who can get the loudest snort. Good times, I tell ya. Good times.

Sunday morning, we had another lovely, chick flick breakfast at Sweet Laurette & Cyndee's Cafe. Yummy poo! I had the Frenchman's Toast. French toast with an entire baguette, powdered sugar and fresh berries. I normally don't go for syrupy breakfasts but I thought it was a fine weekend to go all out and treat myself. Ooh boy.

And it was on the way back to the car that we learned the Seahawks were down 6 to 27. In the top of the 3rd quarter. Suddenly, the vacation was over. Crap.

Now, we're back to real life. And autumn. And rain. Cow pissin' on a flat rock rain. And darkish. At 6:15pm. And cold. Turned the heat on. Brr.

I'll have to dig out my little pumkin candle holders that I bought last year. That'll warm the place up.

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Dee said...

You look like a model in that hat and coat! No kidding, I could never pull off that look. Sorry about your Seahawks - I was really rooting for them partially for selfish reasons - I wanted the Giants to lose. Go 'Skins!!!