Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The New Job

Holy crap, life is good!

First, FREE COFFEE. Yes, Radiology had a little coffee pot in the kitchen, but rarely would anyone really make coffee and it was strong, bad coffee. Purchasing had a nifty commerical type coffee maker. No more $1.31 cup of coffee per day. Now if I can just keep (good) milk in the fridge, that'll save me $400 a year!

Second, not one person came into my cube and asked me where someone was today. It was heaven. It's so quiet, but not lifeless quiet. A lot of people have their earbuds in, since we're in cubes, so I can take mine tomorrow and rock out.

I spent most of the day training with one of the other buyers. After five or so reqs, I could process them without looking at my instructions. There's the possibility for some glitches, but they're pretty easy to resolve. It's repetitive work and I love it. I've used this particular system for the past three years, so I'm starting ahead of the curve. It feels good.

And I was less tired when I got home today than I've been in a year. Yes, it was a bit tiring meeting all the new people, remembering how to get to the kitchen and maneuvering through the internet without my Google toolbar, but just being able to focus on one, maybe two tasks at hand instead of 20 is a fantastic feeling. They also want me to do a database clean up project. Entering info, making sure it's consistent, being thorough. Sounds like a dream job to me.

I left alittle after 5 and stopped by the store on my way home to pick up a rearview mirror for my monitor (it's nice to be able to see people coming up behind you) and Clorox wipes. My new desk is filthy. The Swiffer just isn't good enough. I also grabbed some tortellini for dinner along with a bottle of wine. I am looking forward to a hot bath, a glass of wine and "Breaking Dawn", the fourth of the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer.

A side topic: I am ADDICTED to these books. Trish told me about them and loaned me "Twilight" in August. The movie is coming out in November and she said I needed to read the book before we went to see it. I flew though the book and begged her for the next two. I had to wait FIVE WHOLE DAYS to get the fourth one. I'm already half way through it.

As much as I love having a book this good to read, I'm already dreading finishing it. What am I going to read next? It's very rare that I find a book I can get so engrossed in. I'll take any suggestions you have.

Okay, off to do some household admin stuff, then on to the soakie.

Ah....what a nice evening.


TD said...

I know I've said it privately, but congrats on the new gig, babe. I'm proud of ya.

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy to hear that the first day went so well - here's hoping that they all go that well.

love ya, mom

Seattle Lu said...

Your new job: Life is good, everyone should have a great job they enjoy. :-}

Your old job: No sun rays of bubbly personality left on the floor. :-[

Congratulations, life needs change, I'll just have to keep reading your blog for my daily Raechelle smile.

Kristy said...

Hey Lady,

Glad to hear you're liking your new digs. I feel like it's been FOREVER since I've seen you, but nice to keep tabs on you in the blog. Glad you survived the sleep over...I told you 11 year olds were fun! :)

See you in a week!

Kristin said...

Glad you like your new job! That is awesome news!

I heard those books are awesome. And I'm so excited to start reading them! I was extremely sad when I finished the last Harry Potter. So I could not be happier that I have another series to look forward to. When you finish, you might want to pick up "The Nineteenth Wife." I'm reading that one now and it is goooood!!! Add it to your Amazon wishlist. You will not be sorry!