Thursday, September 18, 2008

Suddenly, I'm 11 Again

As TBBE mentioned in his blog, I attended Kayleigh's 6th grade open house last night.

And, man alive, school seems confusing these days! I don't know how the kids keep up with everything.

They have a piece of paper that they fill out each day for each 20 minute reading session, that answers questions they're supposed to think about when they read. I think they have to turn that in. Then they have this journal where they keep track of the assignments and the parents are expected to sign off on each page and the teacher looks at those pages every day. And the math book has hardly any pictures! It's all word and stats! And you do the questions on this page, then you flip to this page where you follow up or get the answers or something.

My job doesn't seem so bad right now.

At least I wasn't the shortest girl in the hallways. That was nice. I told Todd I wanted to smoke a cigarette or go make out in the bathroom. Something wild. Just cause I could.

I love being an adult.
Well......most of the time.

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