Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We Have Electric, Part II

A fantastic update for those of you who don't actually KNOW my mama, and therefore, are not on her email list. But if you're still reading this blog, after all of my Ike updates, you obviously care.

So here:

Hi all,

First of all, thanks to my daughter's blog for keeping you (or most of you) posted about us during Ike. We did survive much better than most. As Bink
said, roof will need to be replaced, all fences are down and will need to be replaced, and we both almost had heart attacks sitting here on Sat. night waiting for the roof to go blowing off - but we're okay! Lost all the food in the fridge and freezer, so will hit the grocery store this morning since WE GOT ELECTRICITY AT 2:00 A.M. THIS MORNING!!!! Yea! (So, come on Mary - we have lights and food.) Was able to get some gas in my car last night. Darren (neighbor) came by around 6:00 and had passed a gas station out in the boonies and told us it had just opened and there were no lines, so we hightailed it out there and only had 3 cars in front of us. The other places I had tried had lines at least 1-2 miles long. Can't handle sitting in that for gas.

Will spend the day shopping and cleaning up what we couldn't do without electricity, and head back to work tomorrow. I understand our building is open but has no AC and won't for probably another week or so, so we have been instructed that we are more than welcome to come to work, wearing shorts if we choose! Can you imagine that? I'll bet that's not going to be a very pretty picture!

Okay, I have one short day to get a bunch of stuff done, so must get busy. Thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers and will try to get in touch with each of you later. (And more than thanks to my daughter for being such a good blogger! - I love you.) (her blog address is: for those of you who would like a good laugh occasionally.)


Mama gives me good props.

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