Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Universe Speaks To Me In Many Ways

Today, it's through chocolate.

I'm treating myself to a Dove Dark Chocolate square, stolen from my boss' closet.

(Ha. Treating myself. These things are my vitamins. One a day keeps me good.)

And, on the inside of the foil wrapper, there are these cutesy little sayings. A "promise", they call it. Normally, it's something uber nauseating like "Read a book under a tree" or "Find the beauty in your day".

Ack! Shut up and just gimme the friggin' chocolate!

But today, it was different. Today, it said: "Don't think about it so much."


Well, okay.

Because I WAS thinking about it a lot. I was picking it apart and wondering, well, what does it mean if I feel THIS way? And, shouldn't I really feel THIS way if it were meant to be? And why don't I feel THIS way when he calls? Shouldn't I maybe feel THIS way if I don't see him for two days?

It's maddening.

I'm so hellbent on making sure this is right. Making sure it is EXACTLY what I think it should be. But you know what? It's not. It is not a cookie cutter, pre-packaged, by-the-book relationship.

It's not a fairy tale.

But it has swept me off my feet and made my head spin. And I think I've been misinterpreting that as a bad thing.


Ann said...

The very good ones..maybe even the best ones!...never look like a fairytale. They are far to real for that with all bumps, bruises, roadblocks, and missteps to be mistaken for a fairytale and I wouldn't trade that for anything. If Doug and I hadn't had our upsets - we might not have the deep level of communication that we have now. I'll take reality over Cinderella any day :) And I'm right there with ya on the Universe speaking through Chocolate. Today it happens to be working it's magic through a handful of Twix minis. :)

Marcia said...

Fairy tales are pretend. Real life is better.

Anonymous said...

Real life is much better Marcia. If life was a fairy tale, wouldn't it be really boring???


creth95 said...

Leave it alone and let it go. If it's meant to, it will carry you. If it's not, you'll drop. Either way, you'll know.

Meantime, enjoy the chocolate. Nom. :)

(this comment brought to you by the word verification "ymodre," pronounced "yuh madre." Why yes...I AM a mom! lol)

Dee said...

How many times (on this blog) have I said "You think too much!"????? Listen to your cousin! ;>) Have a good weekend!