Sunday, September 28, 2008

Onslaught of Estrogen

And I didn't scream or hurt ANYONE!

Saturday morning began with laying in bed until 9:30am. Because we could. Once up and put together, Kayleigh's friend Stormy showed up, ready to party. As much as a 11 year old can. Full of energy and dimples and 20 questions.

We headed down to Pike Place Market to browse and have lunch.

(Stormy & Kayleigh, with new shiny frog bean bag thingies)

(Look at us smolder!)

After Pike Place, back to the house to prepare for the par-tay. We made a trip to QFC for cake (Oreo), ice cream (vanilla), punch makings (non-alcoholic.......crap) and fruit to accompany the now infamous dutch babies.

Fortunately for me (unfortunately for Kayleigh) only two of her four guests showed up (two had cancelled earlier this week). I guess the Universe thought five girls might be a little too much at this point in my parent-ness. Thank you, Universe. I owe ya a cookie.

The girls played for a bit, we ordered pizza, Todd was banished to the bedroom with a beer and a paintbrush, we started to watch a movie, the bulb burned out in the projector, we had to call on Todd to hook up the back up projector, we had cake and ice cream, we opened presents, we finished watching the movie, the girls bedded down and I retreated to the big people's room. To snuggle with the cute dad.

(In the midst of wishing.....)

(Present: venus flytrap)

At midnight we heard a few thuds and screams, so mean ol' dad had to go upstairs and put the kibosh on the fun. Poo. Apparently Kayleigh fell asleep first - the girls drew on her face. Lots of colors. Very pretty. Didn't get a picture. Sorry.

At 8am, I heard the pitter patter of little feet. Time to get up. Todd walked down to Westwood Village for his Sunday coffee date, and I headed upstairs make breakfast.

The dutch babies were edible, but not very pretty. Again, I forgot to take a picture. I'm really suckin' here, aren't I? Sorry. Anywho, I made a batch of 12 muffin dutch babies. The tops completely deflated, much like a souffle, but the girls took that opportunity to fill the crater with syrup or jam or powdered sugar or all three.

And no, I wasn't thinking ahead.

At 10:30, I was watching the front door, willing Todd to get back from coffee with his friend. I was walking that fine line of telling the girls to PLEASE JUST PICK UP THE MARKERS RIGHT NOW and just saying, Screw it, it's easier to do it myself. (I didn't pick up the markers. I win.)

Todd got home from coffee, I kissed him hello, and updated him on the morning. Then I, maybe a bit too quickly, changed clothes and took off to meet Kim for a walk. Tag! You're it!

To sum up:
I have more patience than I thought I did.
I know how to talk with 11 year olds.
11 year olds think I'm funny. It's oddly validating.
I have even more respect for Todd now. There is NO FREAKIN' WAY I could handle two kids by myself. Where's the relief? Where is that partner who is supposed to be home at 11am so I can get the hell out of here? Where are the hugs when you're ready to snap?

Props to you, baby.

And now, we are holed up in the boudoir, watching TV (I know, I know) and winding down from an eventful weekend. The room is painted, but the furniture is still "askew" so we'll take pictures once everything is back in place.

Tomorrow is my second to last day in my position, so I think a few of us will be heading down to Chandler's after work for a beverage or three. Since I'm the one who facilitates the going away potlucks, I don't believe there will a potluck in my honor......since I have not facilitated one.


Okay. 'Night 'night.

And, hey, GO 'SKINS!! GOOD JOB!!


creth95 said...

Good job!!! Way to be a mom!!! Go Rae!!!!!

Btw, how's yer cooch? (talking about the UTI thing...sheesh) Feeling better?

Marcia said...

Good for you! Sounds like a nice weekend.

Dee said...

I knew you'd survive the slumber party and be a hit! I have complete confidence in you.
Yay 'Skins! There ain't a Redskin fan alive that's not wearing a huge smile today! That's all I'm sayin'. Oh, just one more thing - Woo-hoo, Hail to the Redskins! See, I didn't even say one bad thing about the Cowboys!

TD said...

Oh, don't be shy, Dee. If you don't say something nasty about the Cowboys, I'm sure someone will... ;-)

I don't often root for the Redskins, but in the case of them playing Dallas, GO 'SKINS!

Kristin said...

Oh, I won't be shy - we DOMINATED the supposed "best team in the NFL." MUAHAHAHA...Muah, Muah...MUAHAHAHa...BAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh how glorious it was! Eat it Cowboys!!!!

:) :)

And I'm glad you survived the slumber party. Even though I had no doubts about it. Hope you're feeling better!

creth95 said...

It's a real shame folx don't feel strongly about football.

Anonymous said...

dutch babies are supposed to flop in the middle. you did good, on all accounts. go girl.
happy last day!!!