Friday, September 26, 2008

Is It Hot In Here? Cause I Am BACON!

From the Seattle Times:

ARIES (March 21-April 19): You are so hot you sizzle like bacon in a hot skillet. If you push determinedly to make your mark you will succeed. A significant other will be unable to resist your numerous charms later this evening.

This is very funny to me because I feel oh so far from charming right now. My hair is in a frizzy ponytail, I have my big pink cable knit sweater on to hide that fantastic PMS bloat, I'm rubbing my back as I sit here in my chair, squinting at the computer screen because my head hurts SO FREAKIN' BAD.

Yeah. I'm hawt.


Can't touch this.
Probably don't really want to, either.


TD said...

Ya know, I'd *still* touch this... because it's YOU.


mushmushmushmushmush... take that.

Anonymous said...

Drugs. It's what's for dinner.

Feel better, love. XXOO :)

Lucy Leadskin said...

The great thing, tho', is that you're not fattening. You're enlightening, bay-bee! :D [runs and hides]