Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oh, It's All The Rage

So, the Saturday Night Live skit featuring Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin is all the blog rage. But I learned last night when talking about it with Butch, some people still haven't seen it. Oh, you must!

It's been ages since I've watched SNL. I miss it alittle. Every now and then they have some really funny stuff. Tina Fey (Sarah) and Amy Pohler (Hillary) are dead on. I love watching Amy's face when she slips into complete hysteria, while Tina is completely clueless.


And to cleanse your pallet of politics, here's a skit close to MY heart.

Cubicle Fight.

Because I will be losing my office next week, and moving into a (GASP) cube!
I think they already have one designated for me, though. I don't think I'll have to fight for it.


Hanineal said...
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Hanineal said...

You have a very disturbed sense of humor.

I like that in a woman...

TD said...

Ah, good ol' Dane Cook. Loved the paper cut on the tongue. Owie!

Dee said...

The Sarah/Hillary skit is absolutely hysterical - doesn't matter who you like politically! The Cubicle Fight was funny until the end - that was just gross! ;>)

Steve said...

Sorry about the cubicle. I feel your pain.

The cubes here are really, really, wide open. Mine is just by dumb luck the most private, but if I don't wear panties one day people would be able to see my cooch.