Thursday, September 25, 2008

General Me Update

I've worked more in the past week than I have in the past year. The reality of "oh my gawd, I'm not going to be here to do this, this and this" has me freaking out a little. And the fact that my boss hasn't hired anyone yet, so I won't be able to verbally pass off this vast wealth of knowledge, makes me feel like I have to write down everything I know and do.

I'd rather just train someone.

Adding to the pain (no pun intended) is a bladder/almost-to-my-kidneys infection. I've been "uncomfortable" for about a week, but I've always been prone to these because I don't drink enough water but I drink a shit load of coffee and wine. So, my kidneys and I have this love/hate relationship. We've never been close.

We were very close, however, in September of 1999 when I ended up in the emergency room at UW because I thought my appendix had exploded. Turned out it was just a kidney infection, but boy howdy, I'd never known pain like that before.

Luckily, I am not in that kind of pain right now. Just a little poke in my mid-back. I broke down and went to the doctor yesterday after downing bottle after bottle of cranberry juice for the past six days, to no avail. He praised me for my diluted urine (woohoo!) but said it was time for antibiotics.

So, I got the pills goin' on (which make me smell sulfur constantly) and I'm still downing cranberry juice (and a little coffee....gotta get my caffeine on....) and I'm using this ailment to refuse any heavy lifting or crawling on the floor (which is actually 7% of my job).

I'm hoping the pills do their job before Saturday because that's Kayleigh's birthday slumber party. Six 10 and 11 year old girls. All at once. All night. We bought party favors, we're decorating cupcakes and I'm making dutch babies on Sunday morning.

You thought the California vacation was a test? You might want to check on me Sunday. See if I'm still all there. I had planned on spiking my juice box with some wine, but that doesn't seem like such a good idea right now.

Pray for me.

Oh! Whadya know? I gotta pee.


Kristin said...

I used to get HORRIBLE UTI/bladder infections. It finally got to the point where I didn't even have to come in for a visit with my doctor. I'd just call him, tell him I had another one coming on and he'd call in the prescription. They are the WORST!!! So I feel for ya :(

The antibiotics usually start working pretty fast, so hopefully you'll be good to go on Saturday. Sounds like a fun night! I'm sure the girls will love you :)

Dee said...

You'll make out fine with all the girls! What are dutch babies??

Raechelle said...

Well, Dee. You go to Ballard and you snatch a couple of babies. Then you dip them in egg batter (about 4 eggs per baby) then....

Oh, I kid. They're eggy, floury, milky hunks of breakfast. Kind of like the product of a quiche and a pancake affair.

Anonymous said...

Well crap! I was looking forward to seeing photos of little babies dipped in egg batter!


creth95 said...

Again, we're a matched set, m'friend. Bladder infections galore here (and the new(ish) relationship is probably not helping matters, if you're catching my general bacterial drift. "Forceful urination after intercourse" was one of the best bits of preventative advise I've ever gotten from a doc. I'm just sayin.' Erm. Sorry, mom.).

Anyway, what Kristin said: by Saturday, you should be feeling just ducky. Antibiotics will make you feel better quicker than you think...just don't stop taking them until they're all gone even if you feel better.

Dutch babies taste great but they sure talk funny.

Raechelle said...

It's so funny how UTI automatically equals sex these days. My co-worker walked into my office and, when he saw my cranberry juice, said "Always pee after sex!"


(I do. So there. Hi Mom!)

creth95 said...

No no no. I wasn't implying sex was the reason. I'm just saying it probably wasn't HELPING matters. Honeymoon cystitis. That's what it's called. But we non-big-drinkers tend to get infections from not having much solution in our bladders/kidneys. And if it goes on enough, you can even get stones. Ask me how I know! ;)

Dee said...

Ha, ha - I don't know if I'm feelin' the dutch babies! And the UTI/sex thing - I was thinkin' it, but I wasn't gonna say it. But it's true. Sorry. Maybe you should give your mom a heads up to avoid this post. ;>)