Monday, September 22, 2008

Football. And Then Some.

Well, we FINALLY won a football game! As TBBE said in his blog, apparently we can't wear our Seahawks gear anymore. It seems to jinx the team. Or maybe we need new gear. Maybe I need a sweatshirt without holes in the sleeve from when I accidentally got bleach on it but didn't know until hours later when I was taking it off and my finger slipped through the brand new hole.


Speaking of jinxed, how else do you explain the fact that we JUST SIGNED Koren Robinson, a wide receiver and former Seahawk, but he was inactive this week because of an injury? What kind of injury, you ask?

A knee injury.

Just like Sean Locklear, Deion Branch, and Mo Morris. Maybe someone should take a look at their brand new practice facility. Could be bad grass. Could be a curse. I'm just sayin'....

In any event, we beat the Rams (0-3) We're still in 3rd place in our division, but at least we won a game. Whew.

In addition to an exciting game of football on Sunday, we cleaned the shit out of Todd's dining room and family room. And afterwards, it occurred to me that I didn't take before and after photos. Sigh. But I'll remember when we make our second pass at his office.

It's the funniest thing, every time we clean a room, half of the stuff ends up in the office. If you remember, dear reader, we just cleaned the office a month ago. You would never know it now. So, it all comes full circle. We still have some boxes and bins out in the carport that I'm just itchin' to plow through, but I think the office may have to be sooner rather than later.

Other than that, I think we're out of piles!
What am I going to do now?!

Ooh, that top cabinet of the pantry is a mess. I think it needs a good organizin'.......

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