Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Warning! Baby Meter at 274%

Rachelle and I stopped by to see her new nephew last night after our walk.

And I held the baby.

Bad decision for someone whose eggs are already trying to fertilize themselves because they are jonseing for offspring. Very bad decision.

Because last night, I dreamed that a doctor was shoving eggs (apparently the size of chicken eggs) into my uterus, but the eggs were in a styrofoam cup, complete with plastic lid. I can't remember if there were straws. She got four of them in and went for another and I said, "Are those all going to fit?!" She laughed and said, "Oh yes. Don't worry. Women do this all the time." Someone was there holding my hand, but I can't remember who.

I understand the whole putting-eggs-in-the-uterus part, but what's up with the styrofoam cups?

Dream Moods has nothing for styrofoam cups.

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Anonymous said...

You and your weird dreams! Too bad you don't live here cause Tricia could let you borrow Leah anytime you wanted for a baby fix! And you'd get a toddler as an extra bonus!