Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oh Yeah, Happy Earth Day!

And in honor of Earth Day, let me share with you what I found on Aunt Purl's blog. EnviroSax - reusable bags in all kinds of pretty colors. Fantastic!

Seattle is moving toward charging for grocery bags, be it plastic or paper so we're being encouraged (see: forced) to find an alternative. I use the plastic bags for my garbage, so I'll still have to get/buy them every now and then, but these reusable bags would be so much better for all the quick little trips I make to the Big BM.

And since they fold up so small, I may get the packet of five (when I'm spending money again) and try to keep them in my glove box. Hip, fashionable and environmentally friendly.

Speaking of environmentally friendly, I will be signing up for a bus pass Thursday. What prompted this? I paid $3.64 for gas this morning. Ruby, a little ol' Hyundai Elantra (recently washed and beautified) took $50 to fill up. I had a momentary panic. This is our way of life now. I have to save money to put gas in my car. Gas will never be under $2 ever again, will it?

The movie "Total Recall" springs to mind. Everyone is wearing grey (apparently, they don't make clothes in pretty colors in the future), it's all dusty, people look sad. And they're paying $25 for a gallon of gas.

Time to....say it with me.....get back On The Wagon and start bussin' it again. It will be easier when it STOPS SNOWING. Did I tell you it snowed this weekend? The third weekend in April? It snowed? Yes. Snowed. I'm not walking a mile in this weather just to get to work. Totally not worth it. But in nice weather, it's a lovely walk around the lake. And then I don't have to worry about walking in the evenings. It's a win win situation really.

So happy Earth Day!
Go hug a tree.

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