Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Friday!

As I sit here in my jammies, looking out into an beautiful, sunny day with absolutely no clouds in the big blue sky (it's been so long!), it occurs to me that I could very well be a morning person.

If it weren't for that damn job.

Yes, my day off and I'm up at 8:30am. You've heard the term "sleep like a rock?" Well, friends, I slept like a rock last night. I didn't even stir when Jessica got up and left at 6:30am. Normally I can hear her alarm go off, but not this morning. I woke up at 7:45am and thought, "Oh shit! Is Jessica still sleeping?!" I ran out to the living room, but she was gone. And I was baffled. I can't believe I didn't wake up. As a matter of fact, I don't think I woke up at all during the night. That's rare. At least once, I'll turn over and look at the clock when it's 2 or 3am.

I guess the lack of sleep Wednesday night (I never really slept. I just couldn't get comfortable), along with the two glasses of wine last night, are just what the doctor ordered for rock sleeping. Good to know.

And boy howdy, I feel good today. Tiny bit of a headache left, but I'm optimistic that it will fade. I love days like this! I've already balanced my checkbook and had breakfast. I have some last minute shopping to do for the post spa festivities tomorrow and I need to tidy up around here. I may sneak a walk in to downtown Ballard.

Ah...... you can feel work and stress and ickiness slip away, can't you?

Or is that just me? Are you sitting at work, reading this and cursing me under your breath?

So sorry.

Remember I have Monday off too, so save some of that seething for then.

Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

I am sitting here at work reading this but I'm not cursing you. Even though I am envious. It's a beautiful day here too! Enjoy your "birthday weekend!"

Anonymous said...

Yes I'm sitting here at work wishing I was off this glorious day. Your office door is closed, and looks so lonesome without you :-(

Carpe diem Raechelle!

Anonymous said...

I'm not Dee - I'm cursing you! 'Cause it's a gorgeous day here and I'm sitting here working!
(And besides that, I've missed our chats today..........)