Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

Well! What a wonderful weekend!

Friday, I was up early and spent the day shopping. I met up with Jamie at Macy's and bought a cutsie new dress for the spa day. How did I choose out of all of the dresses I tried on? It was the only one that didn't make me grunt in the dressing room. Perfect! After shopping, we met up with some of her co-workers for drinks. Home early and in bed to rest up for Spa Day.

Which takes us to Saturday!


Part I of Raechelle's Birthday Extravaganza!

Aren't we a group of hotties? From left to right, we have Val, me, Jessica, Nichole, Cyn, Jamie and Rachelle. Kim joined us for brunch and the spa, but had to run home in between to tend to Milo. He was sick.

We gathered at my place at 11am, then caravaned to Volterra for brunch. We finished up earlier than I expected, so we grabbed some coffee and lounged in the sun for a bit before heading to the spa. That's when this photo was taken. We were attracting all kinds of attention in our little spring dresses.

At the spa, we got buffed, massaged and polished. A few got facials, a few got pedicures and one choose a manicure. As we left, I made the comment we were a gaggle of polished beauty! Nichole laughed her ass off and said "That needs to be the title of your blog post!"

We caravaned back to my place. A couple of the gals needed to head home, but a few stayed and K-Ski came over since she missed out on the brunch and spa-ing. We sat and bonded and ate cake that Jamie made (from SCRATCH! That was FANTABULOUS!) and drank champagne for a few hours. I was asked to gaze at the cake for a photo op.

This is a gift from Nichole that was too perfect not to post. A martini glass with red undies all over it. And the recipe for the Red Panty drink.

After cake, champagne and presents, it was time for Part II of Raechelle's Birthday Extravaganza!

My Sheauns cooked me dinner. I was supposed to be at McP's at 8pm, but after drinking champagne for three hours, I called for a driver and Darragh was sent over to chauffeur me. We ate out in McP's backyard under clear sky with bright stars. There was bread with tapenade, salad, baked chicken, a rice pilaf and, of course, more champagne.

After dinner, and yet another chocolate cake, this one from Dilettante's (oy but yum) we watched The Big Lebowski and played with my digital camera. Here's a few (out of 42) photos for your enjoyment.


Nothing blogworthy happened on Sunday.


I was up earlier than preferred this morning so I treated myself to breakfast at Vera's down in Ballard. And since today was my LAST DAY OF SHOPPING OH MY GAWD, I splurged (as much as you can splurge at Ross) and bought a red throw for the couch, a couple of tank tops and new baskets for the bathroom. Now, I have a basket on the back of the toilet for my hair stuff and a matching basket under the sink for my bath stuff. I am very happy.

After arranging baskets this evening, I cooked my birthday dinner - sea scallops on a bed of lemon herb couscous with asparagus. And wine. Yum.

And there will be cake later. You can bet on it. I'm looking forward to taking a soakie with some lavender bath oil, a gift from K-Ski, and reading more of Obama's book, and having my last glass of wine.

Then I go back to work tomorrow. Poo.

All in all, not a bad start to my Christ year, doncha think?


The Mysterious Traveler said...

Happy birthday, Rae!
I can't believe the matching sunglasses in that first picture!

Anonymous said...

Well, sounds like you had quite the bday weekend! Man, you guys get dressed up for the spa. The last time I did a spa weekend with a bunch of girls, we rolled out of bed and out the door! ;>) You'll have to share the recipe for the Red Panty Drink. And the bday dinner you cooked for yourself looked delish! Happy Bday!

Carrie and/or Wayne said...

Happy Birthday!!

Kristin said...

Looks like you had quite a birthday. Happy Birthday!!! It's not belated, b/c you get a birthday "week" and it's still part of your week :) Hope it was spectacular! Love ya!