Monday, March 31, 2008

Who Is The Biggest Bitch Of Them All?

The word "bitch" has been used to describe me on more than one occasion. This doesn't really upset me anymore.

There's a fine line between being a bitch and being forthright, or frank. I used to have that oh-I-have-to-be-liked-by-everyone-or-I-will-just-die! mentality, so I would tiptoe around topics and falter when asking someone to do something. But as I get older (and still look like I'm 20) I've learned that I have to be painfully direct sometimes. And in my position, I have to work with difficult people to get things done. I have some authority and my bosses keep telling me to use it.

But being frank and direct also comes in handy when people are just flat out pissing me off.

I ordered a big ass bulletin board for someone, but they failed to actually measure the wall first, so the bulletin board is too big. She fully admitted that her natural hair color is blond. So, the bulletin board has to go back. But there's nowhere to put it until then, so it's in the hallway, outside of my office.

And all morning, people would walk by, see this bulletin board, then stick their head in my office and say, "You know ya got a big bulletin board out here?" or "Hey, what's this big bulletin board for?"

This is the kind of shit that will make me snap.

So I put a sign on the bulletin board - that pink piece of paper:

"Please do not tell me there is a bulletin board out here. I am well aware. Thanks, Raechelle."

Now, the smart people around here understand what this sign means. They know that I am sick and tired of people commenting about this thing, and they walk by my office and smile, but they do not say anything. They love me. And they know. They just know.

But the newbies.....ah, they think it's funny. So, to fit in and pal around, they poke their head in and say, "Hey! (hee hee) Ya know ya got a board out here? (hee hee)"

They think they're being social and cute. They don't know about Raechelle's temper and her short fuse. And, unfortunately, as in every learning situation, an example must be set.

Newbie [poking his head in]: Hey! (hee hee) I don't know if you know this.....

Me [in my very serious voice]: I swear to gawd if you mention that bulletin board I will throw this stapler at you, do you hear me?

Newbie [blink blink]: Oh....uh.....sorry....

This newbie probably doesn't like me now. I'm okay with that.
And it's been three hours since anyone has mentioned the bulletin board to me.

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