Sunday, March 2, 2008


First, is it just me or does this seem dirty?
"When a woman needs a cookie...."

Log o' dough.

Okay, now the flashback.

Every now and then, I channel my mother. And it scares the shit out of me. Sometimes it's a look I give my coworkers. Sometimes it's the way I sit with my leg cocked up underneath me. Sometimes it's the way I talk to myself when I'm annoyed.

And this evening, it was when I took my ring off.

I made the work birthday cake, and because I'm in manic mode and can't sit still regardless of how tired my body is right now, I decided to whip up some chocolate chip cookies. Cause I have this log o' dough.

I cut the paper and then grabbed a hunk of dough. I started to roll it in my hands and then remembered I have my ring on. My one ring that I wear. I used to wear it on my left ring finger (wishful thinking probably) but after the break up, I try to remember to put it on my right ring finger. But sometimes I forget.

Anywho, I had my ring on and this dough all over my hands, so I slipped it off and set it on the counter. And my eyes welled up with tears. Damn hormones. I love my uterus!

My mom used to make Chef Boyardee pizzas for dinner, while I would sit on the counter, probably talking her ear off. The pizza kit was genius really. The box contained a can of sauce, a packet of cheese and the stuff to make the dough. I don't remember what you had to do to make the dough (maybe pour the power in water and mix?) but mom would have it in a bowl and use her hands to knead it. And she'd always take off her wedding ring and put it on the counter while she did it. I remember putting it on and asking her the same questions every time. "Does dad have one?" Yes, but he doesn't wear it. He's a mechanic and that's the easiest way to loose a finger. "Where'd you get them?" I don't remember. You're sitting on the instructions. "Will I have one one day?" Not if you keep being a little brat. Now get off the counter.


I doubt she ever said that, but it just sounds like her.

I would also eat the pepperoni that she was trying to put on the pizza.
I guess I was a bit of a brat.


Anonymous said...

About the cookie dough - get your mind out of the gutter. ;>)
About the Chef Boyardee pizza - memories! When Buck & I first got married we had that every Friday night and I'm not kidding. It was cheap and easy. I think I might buy a box next time I'm in the store just for the helluvit.

Carrie and/or Wayne said...

My mom made that stuff too!

Kristin said...

And I can vouch for what my mom said - we had Chef Boyardee EVERY Friday night when I was a kid and I LOVE IT!!! Friday night, pizza night. It was wonderful :)