Monday, February 4, 2008

Weekend Update

Dinner club on Friday was nice. Lots of gals, lots of food, lots of girl talk. I ended up staying a few hours. I would have loved to have stayed longer, but my head was still killing me. So much so that, while I laid down around 10pm, I didn't actually fall asleep until after midnight. I hate that.

Saturday, I ended up sleeping until almost 1pm. I guess headaches really drain you. I got up, ate something, then laid back down for two hours. So Saturday was shot.

I did go out to my gal's dinner that evening. My friend would have beaten me if I had bailed. And I treated myself a filet mignon wrapped in bacon. Oh boy. Good stuff. And I don't normally eat steak. But since we went a steak house, well, I got the steak. Could have gotten the salmon, but I have salmon all the time. So I got steak.

Afterwards, I swung by the Fiddler's Inn to join the Sheauns and a couple of other friends for some live music. But the headache was back in full swing by this time, so I was very out of it and just wanted to go home. Which I did. Around midnight.

Sunday, I was up early thanks to my upstairs neighbor. Her mother was packing to leave and apparently is not used to having someone living below her. She made no attempt to be quiet at 8:30am. So like it or not, rested or not, headache or not! I was up early.

I went by Target before heading to Shaun's for the superbowl. And I purchased two new lampshades for The Boudoir. No, no lamps. Just the shades. Baby steps.

Then off to watch the SuperBowl.
And here's where it all goes downhill.

Guess whose inner-alcoholic pushed her off the wagon, face first in the mud, and made her drink an entire bottle of wine by herself? And then gave her a camera?

And guess who hid her phone (no drunk texting!) and keys, but kept refilling her glass until we were completely out of wine?

(And then there's the good, sober Rachelle. Crocheting. Not knitting, mind you! Crocheting. There is a difference!)

Yes, quite the SuperBowl party. Shaun let me vent and cry for what felt like hours after Raechelle and Claudia left. Apparently, I still have some pent up emotions that could only be released with a good Cabernet. And those emotions are now all over Shaun's couch pillows. I should wash those for him.

And yes, the game itself was a shocker. Who knew the Giants would actually win? And the poor Patriots! To go alllllll season, undefeated, only to lose in the SuperBowl? Man. I bet they're in a sad state today.

And here we are at Monday. Yes, I still have a headache, but I now can't determine if it's the migraine or a hangover. I'll re-assess the situation tomorrow.

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