Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday Update (or Huckadate)

Katie Couric just made a very funny joke. Something about people hopping on the Huckabus. Could you imagine if our next president was name Huckabee? Oh, holy crap. He doesn't twang like Bush, but with a name like Huckabee, it's just as bad. How can you say Huckabee without twanging? And everything would be Hucka-something. The Huckabudget. The Huckahouse. We could possibly become the Huckastates.

And poor Katie keeps getting McCain and Romney mixed up when talking about them. "They won't like that one bit!" It's a good thing she's cute. Because she's ain't doing so well tonight.

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dee said...

What about the president of the United States being named Barrack Hussein Obama? I'm sure I just opened a whole, big, giant can of worms with that question. Sorry. And yes, Huckabee is funny.