Thursday, February 7, 2008

Whew, Heat Wave! And Who Put This Floor Here?

It's amazing how you get used to the cold around here. For the longest time, I would wake up and it would be 28 or 34 degrees. So I'd put on a turtleneck and my wool coat and brave the frigid drive to work.

But today, when I woke up, the radio said it was 42. Holy crap. That's like a heat wave! I didn't even bother with the wool coat. Just my casual sweater and a scarf. But I would bet some people don't think 42 is very warm at all, huh?

Look at me! I'm acclimating! I CAN change!

I say that, but then I get to work, walk in the door from the stairwell and suddenly there's a new floor. I froze. And just stared at it. We used to have carpet. We still have carpet in most of the area, but they're slowly ripping that up and laying down this bright cream colored "clinic" floor. Kind of looks like marmoleum (which I called marbleoleum for the longest time).

I was like an ant who had a twig fall in their path. I couldn't move. Didn't know what to do. Can I walk on it? I have heels on, will that hurt it? Who did this? I ran into the construction guys while getting my coffee and asked them "Did you put that new floor in?!" They were surprised. I guess they rarely get confronted.

So, I can acclimate to the weather, but I haven't acclimated to the new floor yet.

And next week my desk gets reconfigured. We'll see how I deal with that.

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