Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's A Good Thing I Don't Have Cats, Too

I lost some DVDs in The Separation. Steve divided up the movies one day after I left and I was sad to see some of them in his pile but thought, oh well, they're just movies. Actually, thinking back, I don't think I could name one that he kept. Except Shaun of the Dead and Once Upon A Time In Mexico, which I've already replaced.

So I have this routine now. Every other Friday, before my therapy appointment, I walk down the street to Jive Time Records. They have a big bin of used DVDs that range from $5 to $8. I'll pick up one or two, either to replace one I lost (once I recognize the title as one that was on our shelf), or one that's more recent that I want.

Except in my old age, I can't remember what I have and what I need to get. So I sat down tonight and typed up a list of my current DVDs (alphabetized, of course) and a list of the video tapes I have that I need to get on DVD, since I don't have a VHS player. I should probably get a little cheap one because I have videos from vacation and stuff that I want to watch every now and then.


Now I can keep this list in my wallet and when I run across a movie, instead of thinking to myself "Do I have that one? Or did Steve keep that one?" I can just look at my list.

Nifty, huh?

What? Crazy, you say? Well. Maybe a little.

And since we're on that subject, I'm also thinking of putting some sort of check list up by my straightener in the bathroom. I don't use the straightener every day, but when I do, I get halfway to work and think, "Did I unplug my straightener?!" More often than not, yes, I unplugged it. But I've come home twice to find it still plugged in and hotter than shit. I may very well burn the building down one day.

So now, I do a frightening little dance and sing a song that goes something like "I turned the iron off! I turned the iron off! Won't burn down the house today, cause I turned the iron off!". You have to picture me in my Seahawks sweatshirt and my fuzzy slippers, shakin' my groove thang. This little dance makes my morning noteworthy and I feel comfortable that I will remember I've turned my straightener off. Ya know, cause I did The Dance.

Same thing with the oven. Different song, though.

And now my question to you, dear reader:
Should I maybe keep these little quirks to myself, just in case the man I'm destined to marry accidently runs across this blog while googling me after we meet at the Fremont Market and he asks me out for coffee?

Or does it just make me cute?


Mom said...

Don't even think about buying a VHS player unless maybe you can find one at one of your flea markets. Dad and I looked for weeks for one. Apparently, they aren't made much anymore. However, we finally did find one at Walmart, and it sucks! Good luck with that. . . . .

dee said...

The man you're destined to marry might as well know the "real" you. So keep on bloggin. And I've never understood why people buy DVD's. I mean, do you really, really watch movies over and over?? My kids do, maybe it's just me??

Carrie and/or Wayne said...

I think your quirks are cute.

And Dee, I don't buy movie DVD's either as I can't stand watching movies over and over. I will, however, purchase the seasons of CSI or the like since I do not watch them on TV and to rent them individually would cost even more than the whole set. And I also drink wine while watching them so often I don't even remember the ending and can watch it again! Ha!

dee said...

So, carrie and/or wayne - I'm not the only one out there who doesn't watch movies over and over! Glad to know there are people out there like me. And I, also, have done the wine thing while watching tv. Very normal, I'm sure. ;>)