Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Soap Opera That Is My Life

Or, How I Could Have Slept With A New Yorker and A Couple From California, All In One Night.

A friend from work wanted to start a blog, so she was asking me for advice and assistance. I showed her my blog and she's become a faithful reader. She stopped me in the hallway a couple of days ago and said "You are such an interesting person! I love your blog!" I was flattered. Someone thinks I'm interesting.

Well, she's going to have a field day with one. Hold on to your undies, dear reader. Raechelle had a wild night last night.

Jamie and I started the evening off at the Purple Cafe and Wine Bar downtown. We ended up meeting a cutie pie from New York. He gave me his number, I gave him mine, he left and went back to his hotel. Fifteen minutes later, I had a text from him. A very flattering text. So I texted back. Because texting is harmless, right?


As he got more comfortable, the man texted words I can't even say to my girlfriends with a straight face and invited me to his room, more than once, to help him pack. In case you're wondering, no, I did not entertain the idea of accepting the invitation. Although....he was a hottie.

Meanwhile, Jamie and I finished up at The Purple and, since it was merely 8pm, we headed across the street to the W Hotel. We were feeling quite social, so we chatted with a few guys, and then with a couple that were ordering drinks next to us.

They were visiting from California and they wanted to go dancing, so Jamie and I suggested some places and they left. The girlfriend came back a few minutes later and said I was really cool and we should meet up tomorrow night. We exchanged numbers. Because texting is harmless, right?


I got a text from them a little while later. Would I be interested in having some fun with a couple?

Here's where Jamie says, "I don't know why you have low self esteem, Raechelle. Even women are coming onto you." I did feel pretty damn cool as my phone was dinging all night. I eventally had to label the numbers NY Guy and CA Couple because I couldn't keep the area codes straight. And Jamie and I could do nothing but laugh hysterically at the complete absurdity of the night. We think it was the full moon.

Ah, and here's where I will leave you dangling, dear reader. Cruel, aren't I? I will say that a threesome did not happen and the bathrooms in the W Hotel are almost bigger than the rooms themselves.

And I came home alone.
I'm not completely stupid. I just like good blog material.


Anonymous said...

...not to mention the fact that your mother and other family members read this and your friend in Dallas, Tx would be very envious=)

Anonymous said...

See I told you Rat Boy would have a hard time keeping up with you. ;)
your wing (wo)man,

Anonymous said...

Very unfair since SOME OF US live vicariously thru our little sisters....

Mom said...

Mom heard about this on Sat., so she was well prepared for the blog; and no, she wasn't shocked at all!