Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My New Project

I think I'm going to create a new magazine.
And title it - "You Will Never Be This Pretty".

I was flipping through the magazines in the kitchen while my lunch was heating up and it's just sickening. They have an article on "Love Your Body!" but throughout the article are ads with wet, half naked, size 2 women in them. So they're saying, love your body, but you really should look like this!

Regardless of how much weight I loose, I will never be a size 2. Ever. I have wide, childbearing hips, a large bosom and thighs that, if you piss me off, I can crush you with. I am curvy. Period.

Yes, I like being smaller. Because I was hovering around 150 there for a while and I just felt like I was hangin' out all over. But even at 150, a few people still said I was sexy (I think it's just the hair. They boys LOVE the long hair.....) Now that I'm a little smaller, I'm more confident and I don't feel so uncomfortable. It's easier to cross my legs, my bras don't dig into my sides and my pants don't pinch at my waist.

So, even though I joke about my clothes being too big and all this weight I'm loosing, it's not because I want to look like those ugly stick women in the magazines. I'm not striving to get down to 110lbs. Honestly, it's just a nice perk that's come with this new life I've been thrust into.

And I feel more beautiful right now than I ever have before.
(except for this damn pimple on my chin)


Anonymous said...

Good for you!! You go with your bad self! Hot mama=)

Mom said...

You would not even look good as a size 2! (Kristin maybe, but not you ..... although she's probably alrady a size 1 or 2!) You would look deathly ill. So just do what you're doing and you'll be at a good point in your life for you.

Anonymous said...

okay wait....there is nothing wrong with being 110 lbs...I still feel too big - women will never be happy...those size two's feel the same as you - I think...mostly..I'm goig to go eat chocolate