Sunday, December 23, 2007

Home for Christmas, Day 2

* Slept until 11am. Woohoo!

* Got up because I felt guilty.

* Breakfast - kolaches. Love, love, love kolaches. The Texas version normally has ham and cheese, or egg and cheese, or something breakfasty in them. That's good eatin'.

* Off to the Dollar General store. Treated myself to a red fleece and new gray sweatpants. I keep saying, "I need new sweatpants!" but then I think, "No, I need something semi-cute to lounge around in instead of sweatpants. Sweatpants are not hot."

* Home, back into the sweatpants.

* Tech support. Photos won't print (but they do for me!), labels won't print (but they do for me!). Mom curses me out of frustration.

* Football! Didn't get to watch my Seahawks but they beat the Ravens! Watched the Patriots. They won. Big surprise. And the Redskins won! Yay!

* Dinner. Open faced turkey sandwiches. Which mom has to teach me to assemble. I've never had an open faced sandwich.

* Neighbors come by to exchange gifts. I get cash that will go to The New Pants Fund.

* Watch the news. The weather will be a whopping 54 degrees tomorrow. Yeah. Brr. When we were leaving the house today, mom said to get a sweater because it was cold out! 49 degrees. Oooh, scare me. No wonder she doesn't like Seattle.

Pic of the day:

This is a stocking from my kindergarten class. I think it's hysterical that my name is spelled wrong. I think it's even more hysterical that when I mentioned this to my mom, she replied "You wrote that!"

I just looked at her, dumbfounded.

I said, "I was five years old! I didn't write that! My TEACHER wrote that!"

It took my mom a minute. Then she said, "Oh. Right."

Ah, it's good to be home.........

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