Monday, December 24, 2007

Home for Christmas, Day 3

* Up at 9am, after not sleeping much last night. Not sure why.

* Off to mom's office, where we met her friend Carol and looked at the christmas decorations in her office. They go all out and it is a cut throat competition. Mom keeps me posted on the developments. There's the Hall of Fame and the Hall of Shame. There are categories and very large prizes for each category. Hard to believe they're a bunch of attorneys.

* After touring the office (all three floors) we head to lunch. Afterwards, I get another peppermint mocha. I will not let the peppermint mocha master me. This time, I kept the peppermint mocha down. I win.

* Home to bond with daddy. We watch Bubba Ho-Tep, which I bought him three years ago for christmas but he's never watched it. He liked it.

* Off to Blockbuster Video to rent The Ref. Because I was in a mood. My only solo venture out of the house thus far. I hit Hobby Lobby, too. Just cause I can.

* Dinner. Homemade pizza.

* For some reason, mom and I started going through her junk drawer and we ran across a ton of her old glasses. She doesn't throw them away. They just keep piling up. I couldn't resist a tour through the years.

How were these ever popular?

I look like Joey Ramone:

Yellow? Really?

* Watched The Ref with dad, while having a glass of wine.

Yes, I had some wine. Every christmas eve, Steve and I would go out for a fancy dinner, then come home, open a bottle of champagne and open our gifts. That way, we'd get to sleep in christmas morning, before we headed out to his family's place. I am sad this christmas eve. It's different and it hurts. I think all the first times will be sad. First christmas, first new year's eve, first valentine's day. And oh shit, our anniversary is (er, was) January 4. That should be fun. Once I accomplish all the firsts, I should be fine, but change is weird. Gotta get through the change.

* Mom and dad go to bed, I blog, then hopefully will get some sleep tonight. I'm sure mom will start itching to wake me bright and early tomorrow. I told her she has to wait until at least 8am. Just give me that.....

Bonus pic of the day:

My mother's desk at work. This is where I get it from.

I wanted to take a picture of dad's sock drawer but she didn't like that idea. It was priceless. I put away his socks and hankerchiefs (after folding them like little flags because it makes them laugh) and I cracked up. The drawer is full of gray socks, all folded the same way, all placed in there the same way. Just beautiful.

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