Saturday, December 22, 2007

Home for Christmas, Day 1

* Home from the airport at 6:45am.

* Snooze for an hour on the couch, off to breakfast.

* Home from breakfast, regroup, off to grocery store. I could have stayed home, but I was assured this was a quick trip, unlike my visit in June.

* Home from grocery store, shower, into jammies, show and tell.

* Two hour nap on couch, then awakened at 4:30 to go to dinner

* Arrive at restaurant, but restaurant had burned to the ground. Apparently in the last couple of days. Poo. Off to Applebees. Because I woke up and put on a bra so, dammit, we were eating out somewhere.

* Home from dinner, back into jammies, ice skating that mom had taped. And one performance was actually worth listening to Barry Manilow sing most of the time. Mom and I laughed our asses off.

* Folks go to bed. I blog.

Pic of the day:

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh, the life. A cozy carpet and a warm kitty belly. Home is good.