Saturday, December 22, 2007

Home for Christmas, Pre - Day 1

First, let me just say I have awesome flying kharma. I probably just jixed it by actually saying it out loud, but there it is.

Rachelle picked me up at 9pm, and off to the airport we went. At 10:00 we were sitting in traffic, trying to get the departures area of the airport. I started to panic a bit. If the traffic was this bad, what was the security line going to look like? And I was to board my plane in an hour and 10 minutes.

The construction that is taking place at the airport is not helping matters, although the dialogue between me and Rachelle makes for good blogging:

Me, exasperated: What are they thinking, with all this construction at this time of the year?!
R, as if explaining this to a child: Well, I don't think they can unconstruct just for the holidays, Raechelle.

Magically, though, as soon as the lanes split - two lanes for arrivals, two lanes for departures - the departure lanes opened wide and we were one of maybe six or seven cars that were dropping off people. The traffic was from everyone flying in.

And the security lines were non-existant. Most of the lanes were completely empty, so I sailed right through. I stopped and bought water, found my gate, put in my earbuds and people watched. Not much to note except I'm suddenly very attracted to new dads. Especially new dads with facial hair. Weird.

My seat was in the back of the plane so I got on early, got comfy and was pretty much snoozing by the time the drink cart came by. Woke up once or twice, when the iPod playlist would end, so I'd start a new one and pass out again. Made for a quick flight. I didn't check my bag, so when I landed, I went straight out to the pick up area, texted mom, she showed up and we were off. Just like that.

And that brings us to........

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