Friday, December 28, 2007

Bored Out Of My Skull

Ah, good to be back home.
And bored on a Friday night. How bored, you ask?

Before - pile o' tights and stockings:

After - neatly organized tights and stockings:

Labeled just like my shoes - color on the top line, descriptive term on the second line. Now I can find my fishnets without the hassel! Fantastic!

Actually, I'm quite pooped. I shopped until I literally dropped today. Got a few shirts, another pair of pants, slutty tights (mom's term, not mine) and some leather gloves. Productive day.

I thought I had plans with Cyn tonight, but since I haven't heard from her, I guess not. That's okay. I started a book, Life of Pi, and I've gotten past the hard part (the beginning) and am now officially Into It. This book was a birthday present three years ago and I've tried numerous times to read it, but just couldn't get past the first half. The four hour plane ride helped me get over the hump yesterday. I may finish the book tonight.

Next will be Eat, Pray, Love. My sister tells me I just gotta read it. Well okay fine. Will do.

1 comment:

Momc said...

THAT organized, you did not get from your mother. I've never in my entire life organized my stockings and/or tights, much less put them in baggies - where the hell did that come from??? Maybe my socks are organized according to color, but that's it!