Thursday, December 27, 2007

Home for Christmas, Final Day

The bags are packed
The zippers are strained
In a few short hours
I'll be back on a plane.

Last minute lovin'
From a kitty so sweet
But not too much
Cause I don't wanna sneeze.

Goodbye dear Houston
Not my cup of tea
I long for Seattle
Where I can be me.

I shall eat my tofu
And sushi and soy
No one to mock me
No one to annoy

Curled up in my fleece
Not shorts and a tee
Watching the rain
Just as it should be

A nice visit with the folks
Much needed, I'll say
But it's time to go home
Until another day.


Tisha said...

Loved the poem and the pics.

Anonymous said...

Aw it's good to see you guys! Even like this!! You look great!!