Monday, October 15, 2007

Worst Game Yet

Oh, you Seahawks.

You know I support my team regardless of how they're doing. But come on. Really? The plays that were called were just flat out stupid. Even Maddon and Michaels were wondering what the hell Holmgren was thinking. And Alexander? Oh, I've just had it with him. And I've almost had it with Hasselbeck. I'm not going to rip him to shreds, but the boy needs to learn to keep his cool. You can just spot the moment he freaks out. We can't have a quarterback freakin' out all the time. Dude, be a leader. Keep your wits about you. Quit throwing hail marys at every play. No one is there to catch it. Chill out!

Anyway. I'll still support my team. I'll still use my coasters. But I'm not getting my hopes up about a championship of any kind this year. I just don't see it happening.



Dee said...

Welcome to my world! We Redskin fans are used to it. And we, like you, are loyal fans that just keep watching and cheering, week after week, year after year! Sniff. The week before last we looked like champs! This week - what the hell happened? Oh well - there's always next week. I feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm starting to see the similarities between the Seahawks and the Skins. Both teams are just so darn inconsistent and unpredictable...and its RUDE!!!!!

Get your stuff together boys - either be consistently bad so we don't get our hopes up, or be good consistently. While I'd much rather them be the latter, I would live a much more stress-free life if I didn't get my hopes up every Sunday thinking we have a chance to win it, just to be let down.


-Cousin Kristin