Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Storm Has Passed

Apparently something was just out of alignment last week, because this week is proving to be much more.....tolerable. While I'm still running at break-neck speed at work, my mood is relatively chipper and much less angry. I bet my lovely weekend helped a little.

I really don't have anything major to report. No cute, little anecdotes to share. I'm not blue, so I don't need to get mushy and sappy about life and being alone and waah. Let's see....what can I tell you?

My smaller jeans that I bought are now too big and I must buy even smaller jeans. That's always nice.

I put curtains up in the living room. That softens the place a bit. I still need to get stuff up on the walls.

It occurs me, as I scarf down lunch, that I haven't eaten dinner in two days. I get sidetracked and then end up going to bed. That's probably the reason for the smaller jeans. So, in response, I've emailed a friend about having dinner tonight.

Cyn's been gone for eight days and I miss her terribly. She'll be back tomorrow so I'm thinking we'll party it up this weekend.

I'm going to the Pogues concert in a couple of weeks with my irish Sheans. There may have to be whiskey and Guiness beforehand.

I still have not bought a plane ticket for christmas because my boss still has not approved my time off request. That's on my list of things to tackle today.

I think you're all caught up now.


Mom said...

I'm glad the "storm has passed". And you need to get on that little problem with the tickets to Houston for Christmas.......Otherwise, there wil be no Christmas tree this year.

Dee said...

I am also glad the storm has passed! And I'm glad you have to buy new smaller jeans - that's always a plus! And yes, you do need to get on the problem of your leave for Christmas not being approved yet. What's the hold up? It's yes or no. And it better be yes! It would be very sad if your mom didn't have a Christmas tree this year.