Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tumbling Down

The week, I'm afraid, is not getting any better. At this rate, I don't know if I'm going to be able to make it through Friday.

Today I am in my office with my door shut. That is a clear sign that it is not a good day. My "office" is a closet. Literally. It's roomy, but it has no windows. So with the door closed, there is a slight threat of claustrophobia.

But at least with my door closed, people have to make the effort to knock, then turn the handle, then open the door to bug me. Which seems to be way too much effort, so I've been left pretty much alone all morning. And I think that's best for everyone.

I can't really pinpoint why the day is so bad, or why I'm so grrrr. Could be I didn't sleep too much Monday night and that's piling up. Could be I had two drinks last night with my new neighbors so I'm feeling the effects of that this morning. Could be PMS. Could be the fact that my time off request to go home for christmas is STILL sitting in my boss' office, unsigned after four days. Could be the fact that [WARNING: This may be too much info for some of you] after taking a year's break from the pill because I had come to the conclusion that it was affecting my moods, I recently started it back up. Or it could be just an icky week. Who the hell knows.

Maybe I just need some sleep? I have no plan at all for this weekend, so sleep is now the goal.

Unless something more fun comes up.....

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