Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I think I will boycott working for the rest of the afternoon. I've had it. Yesterday was bad. Today is worse. And I will not be split in two by this silly little job.

*D E E P B R E A T H*

So, since I have the next two and a half hours free, I'll throw some randomness at you.

Monday night, I attended my first ever political fundraiser. Only Cyn could pursuade me to do this. I didn't give money, and I know nothing about the position this guy was running for, but I sure can smile and make sure everyone has a name tag. I'm very good at that. I made sure water was in the pitcher and my glass was full of white wine. A lovely evening indeed.

And I left early to watch Monday Night Football. Much more my speed.

Tuesday, I had my weekly walking date. Which I think does me some good, both physically and mentally. I just wanted to go home and drink myself into a stuper after such a shitty day. But Rachelle (yes, I have a friend named Rachelle) is diligent, so we walked down by the boats at Shilshole. And I felt much better when I got home. And when I put my pants on this morning and had to safety pin the side of them because they're so big that they're hanging too low and I'm tripping on them.

Here's another drawback to being single - no one to take pictures of me so I can post them here and show you how thin I'm getting. I'll see what I can do about that. Rumor has it there might be a gathering this weekend, so I'll be sure to take my camera and bribe someone to discretely take a photo of me. I'll look very surprised.

I think I'm having dinner with a friend tonight. Even though it's laundry night! I know! She's being kind and letting me do laundry at her place so I don't have to rush home to make sure it's done by 8pm. I have nice friends.

I've also been invited out for drinks by, ironically enough, my former massage therapist and guy who manages the massage center, both of whom live in my complex. I have a little built in community already. I look forward to borrowing sugar from them.

The apartment is just fabulous. My computer armoire arrived today, so I'll put that together soon. That will get my computer off the floor and keep it nicely hidden. I need to get some stuff on the walls. Which means sweet talking a boy to bring over a drill because thumb tacks just do not want go into the sheetrock. Oh boy.

Hmmm, I think you're all caught up now.
Crap. I still have an hour and fifty minutes. Maybe I can find a little room to hide in. Maybe just walk around carrying a clipboard. The IT guy does it and he looks very busy. I'll try that.

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