Friday, September 21, 2007

My Day

.....and the things that have made me mutter:
"I really don't want to have to kill anyone today......"

  • Target

I think I may hate Target. It was absolutely packed this evening. And no one was over the age of 24. It felt like a frat party. Everyone was on their cell phones, blindly roaming around. Just shoot me. Mom called while I was there, but I was polite and moved over to a corner and stood still for the entire 15 minutes we talked. I didn't bump into people, I didn't stand in the very middle of the aisle while talking at an above normal voice because the reception in Target (and the interference of all of the other cell phones) makes it hard to hear. What the hell is wrong with people?

  • One particular co-worker
My job isn't rocket science. I try to keep department running smoothly. I maintain the employee files. I order supplies. I schedule meetings. It's not easy, but it also shouldn't be so hard. There are certain requirements and compliances to which a clinic or hospital has to adhere. There's a scary organization called JCAHO and they come through to make sure we're all safe. And that our employees are licensed and properly trained. Part of my job is to make sure that all of the required training documentation is in each of the 45 employees' files. Easy, right? Ha. It's like pulling teeth to get people to sign a freakin' document so I can put it in their file. I had to literally breathe down someone's neck this afternoon so that he would sign what he needed to sign and give it to me to file before the end of the day. Breathing down necks is not in my job description. And I'm not very good at it because I end up just getting pissed, and then I lose my temper and I slam doors and stomp around. Not very professional. Maybe I was just hungry.
  • People not from 'round here
Traffic is traffic, dipshits are dipshits. Whadya gonna do? But on one too many occasions this week, I have gotten behind someone who has absolutely no idea that the lane we're in must turn left. Despite the big sign above his head. Despite the big arrow painted on the road. This lane cannot go straight. The light turns green, cars start to turn left, but the guy in front of me just stops, in the middle of the intersection, deciding what his options are. Hmmmm, turn, like I'm supposed to then maybe figure out a way to get back on track? Go straight, regardless of the traffic that is coming right at me? Maybe sit here and hope that everyone on earth will take pity on my complete lack of forethought and stop so that I may turn any freakin' way I please, as long as I get where I'm going? Yes. That sounds like a winner. Ruby's poor horn has been overworked this week.
  • My password at work
I had to change it. No longer is it "Justletmedie1". Poo. But apparently I mis-typed my new password - twice - so that when I tried to log in after lunch, I kept getting the password wrong. Finally my computer said "Okay, you're done!" and locked me out. I had to call the helpdesk, the helpdesk reset my password, I hung up, tried to log in and my computer said "Um. I don't think you're who you say you are. Locked out!" Back on the phone with the helpdesk, reset the password again, helpdesk stays on the line this time, computer says "Just what are you trying to pull?" I type a little too hard on my keyboard, the W flies off, I have to tell the helpdesk to hang on a second while I get on the floor to get the W key and put it back on..... I thought computers were supposed to make our lives easier? Bullshit.

  • People who can't read
Not illiterate people. That would just be hateful. I mean people who have expensive degrees and save lives, yet they still can't seem read the sign on my door that says "The Film Room has moved. See map!" I come back from lunch today to find a disk of images on my desk, with a sticky that tells me to upload them for a patient who will come in tomorrow to get them. Um. Do you see any films at all in this office? No. That's because it's not the film room anymore. See the sign on the door? The one that says "The Film Room has moved"? What do you think that means? Yeah. I want you cutting me open.

  • OfficeMax
I spent 20 minutes today trying to find the Avery labels 5366 on the OfficeMax site. I put in "avery 5366" in the search box because 5366 is the template number you have to use. Says it everywhere on the sheet of labels and on the box. Do you think OfficeMax actually puts that 5366 on the description of the labels? Nope. I have to find theses labels by sorting through four pages and looking for the measurements 3/4" by 3 3/8" Un-freaking-believable.


At least it's Friday. I don't have to order labels, or threaten employees, or log in for two days. Two whole days. Goodness. Whatever shall I do with my time?

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