Sunday, September 16, 2007

Football Sunday! when you don't have anyone to watch it with you. And all you have is a little 14" screen tv. So I'll be heading down to the Lock & Keel to watch the Seahawks. They have three big plasma screen tvs. And free pool on Sundays.

Last night was my friend Jessica's annual party. No tequila shots this year, and no bruises so far. So today, I'm feeling much better than expected. Good enough to head down to a bar, so that's sayin' something.

Actually, I'm going over to Kim-n-Tim's this evening for dinner, so I think I'll just stick with diet coke this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your Hawks...bummer - Tampa Won though!! Yee Haw!! I know, "How dare I use your sacred site for such blasphemy!" Maybe next game you'll have better news...

Dee said...

I'm proud of you for refraining from the Tequila Shots!
And I must say - how about those Redskins beating the Eagles?? And in Philadelpia!! Woo-hoo!