Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Well, today is a much better day.

I finally spoke the apartment people yesterday and I'm going in to sign my lease on Friday, and then move on Saturday. I've got about six cars lined up so my hope is that it will just be one big trip. I'm going back to the apartment tonight, after I go by Jessica's and gather my stuff, and I'll start the very sad task of packing.

I took Friday and Monday off. In the "Reason for Time Off?" section (which technically I don't have to fill out because it's none of their business why I'm taking time off, as long as I have the hours, which I do....barely), I put "To deal with my break down." Let 'em check "Denied" after that. Last September when Steve and I went to Texas to visit the folks, I put "Quick trip to hell" in there. I don't think my boss even reads that part because she's never said anything.

Other reasons have been:
To watch yet another friend live out her dream of getting married in a big white dress while I stand by sobbing

Trip to the islands with my male groupies

Trip to the mountains with my male groupies

WV trip so I can chew on bark and sit on a porch for five days while contemplating the pros and cons of cow manure with my uncles

They're lucky I'm even putting a reason in there at all....

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Dee said...

Ha, ha! I love your reaons for time off. Fantastic. I'm glad you're finally moving in to your new "home." I'm sure you'll feel alot better about things once you're a little more settled. Good luck with the move.