Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Warning: I'm very cranky today. Which is odd because I was so happy and chipper yesterday. But I'm finding myself saying "I am *so* sick of....." in my head a lot.

What am I sick of, you ask?
Lemme tell ya....

I'm sick of not being able to find my black hairband when I need it. I'm used to it being in the bathroom drawer, to my left. Now I have to dig around a freakin' suitcase to find it because I don't want to be a messy houseguest and leave all of my toiletries in the bathroom.

I'm sick of people asking me when I'm moving into my new apartment. I don't know when I'm moving. They still haven't called me back from Friday to have me come in and sign a lease or get keys.

I'm sick of not being able to balance my checkbook because my checkbook register is on my computer, which is at Steve's, where I have not been for over a week now.

I'm sick of people thinking they're being funny when they mention that I've already worn a piece of clothing twice in one week. Well, pardon the shit out of me, I'm living off of five outfits right now and I'm not too happy about having to wear my khakis this often either. Same goes for wrinkles. You think I like looking like I slept in my clothes? Jessica doesn't have an ironing board, so what the hell am I supposed to do?

I'm sick of the boxes that are *still* crowding my office because my bookshelves haven't come in yet.

I'm sick of not having a routine and taking a different route to work every day because how am I supposed to know that Fremont Ave backs up in the morning at 7:50am? I don't usually have to drive down Fremont Ave.


I'm sorry but I've just about had it with "transition". I mean, how long can a person stay in "transition" and still keep a positive attitude?

Four weeks.
That's how long.

Four weeks.

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Dee said...

I know what you mean about having a routine - I feel for ya. But people only ask when you're moving b/c they care. And I won't comment on your checkbook issues cause I'm with your momma on that one - I like to write it in my checkbook register. But whoever commented on you wearing something twice in one week is an ASS. And who doesn't have an ironing board??? Here's a tip - I hardly ever iron, unless it's dress clothes. Khaki's - no way! Get a spray bottle with water in it, spray the wrinkles and creases and wahla! I do it all the time. Hang in there, things are gonna start looking up!