Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Church, Cleaning, Shopping and Netflix!

I slept like a freakin' rock on Saturday night!  Awesome.  So, I was up early Sunday to have some coffee and breakfast before getting cleaned up and heading to church.

Church.  I don't remember the last time I've been to a church service.  But mom has been going for the last few months and just thoroughly enjoys it, so why not?  It's a small place, only about 25 people.  Lots of kids.  The pastor is very friendly and didn't even damn me to hell when I didn't take part in communion.  It did bring up a lot of questions about the bible, so mom and I had a nice discussion on the way home.  Cause we can do that with each other.

As soon as we got home from church, Dad took me shopping for some new jeans.  My jeans are a bit, ahem, snug and I was being funny and saying how maybe I should buy some bigger ones.  Dad was on it.  We didn't find any jeans that I liked, but he bought me some spiffy black corduroy stretchy pants.  Hawt.

We also bought mom a new laptop.  She's had a netbook for a few years (set that up one time when I was home) but it's starting to crap out, so she needed to upgrade.  And I think Dad really wanted to buy her one to make her happy. 

And so that was Sunday evening.  Setting up the new laptop.  Cause I'm a good daughter.  And mom is very happy.  And she's promised to make me brownies.

Monday was a more domestic day.  Cleaning, snoozing, TV shows, reading, mowing.  Oh!  And setting up Netflix for dad!  I'd signed him up for Blockbuster movies a few Christmas' ago, but Blockbuster has been sucking lately, so we cancelled that and got Netflix.  Much better.  And I even setting up the streaming feature through dad's PS3, even though he couldn't grasp how they would play through the internet onto the TV, but boy, he's got the hang of it now and he's already burned through a couple of instant movies.  Ha!

It was a fun day.  I also cleaned the crap out of my room and the guest bathroom - like toothbrush to the cracks kind of clean.  Tomorrow will be the living room and family room.  Baby steps to the deep clean.

And today was the shopping marathon.  Well, as much of a marathon as it can be with a 70 year old woman with a bad back and legs and a lethargic 38 year old who's lugging around 50 extra pounds and needs a two hour nap every afternoon.  I also didn't sleep very well last night (coughing and stuffy - I think it's allergies) and then I got up at 7:30am and just haven't been right all day.  Like, carsick on the way to the mall kind of not right.  But by gawd, we hit Wal-Mart, Target, Old Navy, Game Stop, the mall, and the grocery store.  And both of us were grunting and wheezing by the time we got home.

Like mother, like daughter.  Thank goodness for her handicap tag in her car.  Whew.

Then dinner, and a nap, the nightly phone call with my hubby and in just an hour - Sons of Anarchy.  Yay!

Maybe a finger or two of Jack Daniel's tonight too, just to knock me out.  I could do the cough syrup with codeine again, but I don't want to get too used to that.  Jack's cheaper.

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