Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Rough Couple of Days

We've had a rough couple of days here at Pisswilly Ranch.  Goober was sick a few weeks ago, but dad got him some antibiotics and a steroid and that seem to perk him up a bit.

But then, in the last week, he's gotten disoriented and lethargic and just mean.  He fell off the porch a couple of times, and was bumping into walls.  We came to the conclusion that he just wasn't seeing well.  And the change in behavior (i.e. biting mom at every opportunity) was indicative of something seriously wrong.

So, dad and I took him back into the vet yesterday and asked about all of the symptoms we were seeing.  The vet said they send us to Morgantown and do an MRI, but if it finds that there is something in his head, there's nothing we can do anyway.  And the poor cat was about 15 years old.  So we made the decision to end his pain and send him off to kitty heaven.  Dad couldn't stay in there with him, but I did, and I stroked his head and gave him kisses until he was gone. 

I've never been through that before, and I can't imagine going through it with Tom or Elvis.  But I also couldn't imagine not being there with them when they go. 

The vet put Goober in a bag, tied it up, and then put him in a tiny little cardboard coffin.  Dad got out the backhoe and dug a hole for him and we sang a little kitty song while we filled the hole back up.  Then he got a big rock to put on top of it - mom will write on it soon.

The house is quiet.  Mom's not yelling at Goober and Goober isn't yelling at mom.  Dad isn't hollering at him to come in the house when it gets dark.  I haven't cried today, so maybe it's getting easier.


In other news, I took ma and pa to the Outback Steakhouse for dinner tonight and I DID NOT buy a bloomin' onion!  Even though I love sayin BLOOMIN ONION!

I did have lobster tail, though.  Cause I could.


I had a few glasses of wine last night and, crap, I'm paying for it today.  Not your typical hangover by any means, but I slept until 11am and although it's only 9pm right now, I am ready to go to bed.  I think it just takes my body extra energy to process it.  So I have to plan any drinking I do, like make sure I don't have to be uber productive the next day.  This is all probably a good thing, huh?


Only 56 days until Christmas.

That is all.


I've cleaned the whole house, except for the office and mom's shower stall.  I'm just taking my time.  Still have a week left.


I also threw away the K Cup holder in the new coffee pot, so I had to order a new one. 


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