Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Update

I'm worried that I may have regressed a bit.  I was up at 8:30am yesterday, and went to breakfast with Stephanie.  That afternoon, I took a two and a half hour nap.  This bothers me.  I've been doing so well without naps.  I thought I was getting my energy back and feeling good, but then I fall asleep for two hours.  And then went back to bed at 9pm.  Huh.


Speaking of breakfast, I did pretty good.  I haven't really eaten out since I've been on the cleanse, and breakfast seems to be the hardest meal of all to figure out.  But when Steph and I went out, and I had the Greek hobo - pile o' potatoes with spinach, olives and tomatoes (left off the feta cheese) and instead of toast or an english muffin, I had a side of fruit.  Easy!  Oh, and herbal tea, rather than coffee.  Which I think hurt most of all.

I'm also not going to tell you where we ate, because midway through our meal, we spotted a cute, little gray mouse under our table, drinking the puddle of water that was left over from when Steph spilled her ice water.  The guy next to us told us we were the calmest women he'd ever seen upon spotting a mouse.  Why would I freak out?  It's a tiny mouse.  Give us some credit, jackass.  A nice patron came over with a napkin and gently wrapped the mouse up in it and took it outside.  And then we very discreetly told our server about our guest.  She was mortified, but still didn't give us a mouse discount on the check.  Hmph.


On Saturday, I took the day to myself and toodled around Target and Barnes & Noble.  Just because I could.  Todd went to Emerald City Comicon for most of the day, even though he wasn't feeling very well, and since we didn't have a booth this year or anything to promote, I didn't need to go.  Thank gawd.  Rumor has it, they were going to hit 75,000 people this year.  Ug.  Way too many people for my taste.

So I spent most of the day toodling.  Then I took Kayleigh to get her ears pierces (for the third time - finally!) and then we ran to the grocery store, and then I rested my eyes for a bit.  I didn't NAP, I just snuggled with Tom and rested my eyes.  And maybe drooled for a minute.  Okay, so maybe it was a quick nap.  But not a two hour one like Sunday.

That evening, Trish came over for a girls night.  And Breaking Dawn Part II

I am not ashamed.

We were supposed to see this in November when it came out, but Trish's pregnancy and the holidays foiled our plan.  We've see all of the other movies in the theater.  Because we are dedicated like that.  But alas, as fate would have it, we had to wrap up the series at home, on my couch, in our jammies, with munchies.  Which was really okay.  Except for the lack of wine.

And, again, I am not ashamed to say that I loved it.  I just kind of liked the other movies, because really?  They're horrible.  And yes, Breaking Dawn is just as cheesy and stupid, but I really liked the fact that Bella actually showed some emotion in this one.  She got mad!  She ripped the head off some vampires!

I even got a little choked at the end, as they listed the entire cast of all four movies, and showed their photos, and had a pretty song playing that's still stuck in my head. 

Okay, maybe I'm a little ashamed that I watched it again on Sunday, in between breakfast and napping.  And that I made Todd watch it, too.


So only one week left on The Cleanse!  We're back to eating everything we could at the beginning (including nuts, alternative milks and free range chicken and turkey (we can have free range lamb too, but ew.  Ha!  Get it?  Ewe.)) so this week should go by pretty quickly.  We had plans to go to Kim-n-Tim-Milo's for dinner on Saturday, but we've had to reschedule.

Oh, so can I just share something with you?

Kim called a couple of weeks ago, to say hi, offer her support and to invite us over one night during The Cleanse.  She said they would really like to cook dinner for us and give us a night off.  They're vegetarians and pretty healthy eaters, so following the dietary guidelines would be no hardship for them.

How freakin' sweet is that?

Well, we couldn't find a night during the actual cleanse that would work, so we settled on March 9, the day after The Cleanse ends.  But we'd still eat cleanse worthy foods.  And maybe have a glass of wine.  And Tim was going to make a pie.  A chocolate pie.  Oh yeah.

We've now had to reschedule but that's okay.  I think Todd and I are going to stick with eating this way for a while.  Hell, I already bought a $8 loaf of gluten free bread - gotta eat all that!

Oh, so I think for dinner Saturday, Todd and I may treat ourselves to going out and having a glass of wine.  And we still have Valentine's Day cupcakes from the Crazy Aussie in our freezer, so that can be dessert. 

And on Sunday we will be sick as dogs because our systems won't know what to do with all that sugar.  Hee.

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