Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ah...It's Hurrican Season

Anyone who's lived in the south, along the Gulf, understands the anxiety of hurricane season. Anyone who has had loved ones evacuate during a hurricane understands the anxiety of hurricane season. And this year is no different.

Welcome, Isaac. And how dare you take the same path as the infamous Katrina, on almost the exact same day of the year.

Ya bastid.

No, my folks don't live in Texas anymore, but I still hurt for the people who do.  And I'm still feeling the anxiety that I usually do when a storm is so close to Louisiana.  Doesn't matter how powerful the storm is, it's still going to flood the area.  And it's still going to be devastating.

I sent a note to Seige, who wrote the blog Operation Eden during Katrina (warning: if you read it, you'll need tissues, but it's a wonderful historical account of those days).  His mom and brother lived in Pearlington, Mississippi and their ordeal was horrifying.  His mom has since rebuilt and is again living in Pearlington, and again, she has evacuated. 

What makes a person stay along the Gulf Coast?  I'll never know.


Isaac is scheduled to make landfall tonight and thankfully, he's only going to be a Category 1.  But there's still going to be too much water.

Send some good juju to the coast.  They're going to need it.


Kat Jett said...

I miss the Gulf Coast every single minute since moving to Georgia. I loves the smell and color of our beaches, and the feel of the power soft white sands. I miss the laid back personalities of the gulf coast people, and my favorite sandwich, the blackened grouper sandwich from Peg Leg Pete's. I miss Mardi Gras, and most of all I miss my best friend- if you ever travel to the Panhandle of the Gulf, you too will understand why we choose to stay.

TD said...

Having bareboated in the Caribbean, I absolutely know why people stay. It's friggin' beautiful. But run a huge risk in living there - it's the price paid for the awesomeness the rest of the time.