Monday, December 19, 2011

Round 2 of the Holiday Festivities!

Can I just say how much I love Sunday mornings?  Especially when I don’t have a damn thing to do.  Todd had a shoot this morning at 9am, so I slept and cuddled with Tom until I decided I should maybe get up since the game started at 10am.  I made coffee and had an English muffin and watched the Seahawks frickin’ whoop up on the Bears!  You go boys!

Anywho, festivities.

I attended Rachelle’s party stag last night.  It seems the last few nights finally caught up with Todd and the poor guy was just exhausted.  So he stayed home to prepare for his shoot and work on our Christmas card picture (cards will be in the mail on Tuesday.  I mean it!)

I had a lovely time (dressed in my swanky outfit) visiting with Rachelle, Shaun and Jamie (who happens to live in Rachelle’s building).  They’re really the only people I visited with because I don’t have much in common with Rachelle’s other friends.  

Shaun just bought his first  hot tub (with a house attached) and Jamie is, once again, in school getting her MBA, so there was lots of catching up.

I was home early enough to catch Saturday Night Live, so Todd and I cuddled in bed and watched that, then drifted off to sweet sweet sleep.

And here we are.  Our last festivity is this evening, when we trek over to Doug and Ann’s for our gift exchange with them.  Ann got a ham and some sides, and Todd and I will take our new magical brie dish - brie, sliced in half, with Todd’s homemade cranberry sauce slathered in the middle and on top.  Great for the holidays, and also for Halloween as it looks like someone slaughtered a pig on a plate.  Just beautiful.

Until then, I will snooze on this couch in my jammies and watch Tombstone for the second time in two days.  That movie never gets old.

Doc Holliday – “Nonsense!  I have not yet begun to defile myself.”

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