Monday, December 19, 2011

Gawd Help Me, I Have An Idea

I love the mini top hat fad that’s happening right now.  Very cute and festive.  So in my surfing, I found a pic of one and sent it to Trish with a note that said:

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure we need these for our New Year’s party.”

Trish replied with:


Except these hats are $10 at Party City.  And we’ll probably have six or seven woman at Trish and Dan’s for New Year’s and you know that if Trish and I have cute party hats, EVERY WOMAN should have a cute party hat.

So I started looking around for cheaper ones, maybe some in bulk.  Amazon has a bunch, but holy shit, they range from $2.99 to $750 (I kid you not).

While I could afford to buy seven of the cheaper ones (well, I would want Kayleigh to have one too, and she’s going to her friend’s for New Year’s so her friend should have one….) or ten but that’s $30 for a bunch of hats we may never wear again.  And if I got the nicer ones, we’re looking at over $100.

So then I started thinking (say it with me) “How hard can it be?!”  I could totally make a bunch of these!

Then came the search for the How To and I found this blog.  She bought the little top hats in the doll section of a craft store.  Brilliant!  I could just get some ribbon, feathers, bling and hot clue the stuff on there.  Then glue the hat to a headband or an alligator clip and WALA.  Instant craftiness!

Oh, but what if I can’t find the top hats?  NEW YEAR’S WILL BE RUINED!!  I found some in bulk at a craft site, but that store is now closed until mid January.   OH NO.

But then!

In trying to find that site, I came across a couple of other DYI site and oh my gawd, they actually make the top hats out of cardboard!  EVEN CHEAPER (and I could make them at my office since the next two weeks will be absolutely dead around here).

Oh, the possibilities!  And the option paralysis.  But one way or another, we will have mini tops hats on New Year’s Eve.  I mean it!


Cole said...

Have you ever heard of Pintrest? I bet you can find things on there too.

carrieann said...

I wonder how much the ones at Claire's are. I know I've seen all sorts of these there. Might be fun to get different styles/colors. Either way, I fully support this accessory.

Lucy Leadskin said...

Love the idea! Did you ever check Oriental Trading Company? (And I won't tell you how much my hand-stitched silk Loli toppers are. Lolz!)